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( The Title ‘Genius’ Isn’t Just for Show (6)

Mo Xue’er held a cigarette in her mouth, picked up the file pouch with one hand and opening it with the other. After looking through the various documents and photos inside, she froze for a second before showing a smile. “What do you mean by this?”

“You only have one younger brother, and you love him very much, don’t you?” Huo Mian asked, and Mo Xue’er nodded in admission. “I do.”

“I have a younger brother whom I love very much as well, so I get how you’re feeling… But it seems like your brother is in a hurry to make money. His business is booming but he sacrificed countless lives during that process… Cutting corners with construction, orchestrating car accidents to defeat his opponent, and even bribing high-level customs officers with large sums of money… What do you think will happen if I submit these files to the police station?”

Mo Xue’er’s expression dimmed as she glared at Huo Mian. “Are you threatening me?”

“Sure, you can think of it that way.” Huo Mian smiled; a long time ago, her high school classmate Wei Dong told her that Mo Xue’er’s brother worked in construction.

Her family was well-known in the construction industry, and her brother was a successful young entrepreneur.

However, no one knew how many secrets laid behind his success…

Huo Mian investigated her brother a long time ago, back when Mo Xue’er betrayed her. She had a feeling that this woman was bound to go head-on with her one day.

Huo Mian just didn’t expect that day would come so soon…

“Haha… what do you want me to do?” Mo Xue’er finished her cigarette and smeared it into the ashtray in front of her.

“Simple, just tell me the truth.”

“What do you mean?” Mo Xue’er smiled at Huo Mian, who said, “Stop playing dumb with me. When Song Yishi died at 3 AM, Huo Siqian was definitely not with you… Your alibi may be able to deceive others, but you can’t deceive me… I know you love him very much, so you’re willing to do anything for him…The same goes for me. I love Qin Chu very much, and I’m willing to do anything for him… So why don’t we make a deal? You change your testimony at the bureau and I’ll give you all this evidence and never talk about it again.”

“Why should I believe you?” Mo Xue’er sneered.

“Because you have no other choice… If you don’t do this, I’m going to put your brother in prison… There’s so much evidence here, he’ll be in jail the rest of his life. Is that really what you want?”

“Huo Mian… I realized that you’re a ruthless woman.”

“You’re right, I’ve never been meek and gentle.” Huo Mian smiled.

“They all say that President Qin’s wife is gentle and friendly, but I knew it was all an act… We’re one and the same, willing to do anything to achieve our goals. However, you’re better at hiding your true self and making everyone believe you’re someone you’re not… Did you know that these women are usually called manipulative bitches?”

Huo Mian didn’t get angry at her remarks, and only replied faintly, “As long as I can save Qin Chu, I don’t care what others say about me.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Xue’er fell silent; she knew what her brother had been doing all these years, and the reason she didn’t do anything about it was she thought she was powerful enough to keep him safe. If her brother was caught, she would be able to deal with it. If she couldn’t, Huo Siqian would still help her.

But now…

If Huo Mian’s evidence really sent her brother to jail, Huo Siqian was probably not going to do anything about it. He loved Huo Mian in a sick manner – even if she killed someone, he would probably praise her.

Therefore, Mo Xue’er struggled.

Huo Mian looked at her watch. “I’ll give you three minutes to make a decision.”


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