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(What is Huo Mian Really Trying to Do? (8)

When Huo Mian got to the hospital, she saw a very terrifying scene.

Qin Yumin stood on the roof of the hospital. He seemed thin and cold, only wearing a hospital gown in the cold, harsh wind.

“Mian, you’re finally here. Go look at your dad…”

Mrs. Qin’s eyes were red from crying, and there were large numbers of hospital staff watching at the doorway, with many spectators on the ground as well.

The firemen and police had arrived but none dared to approach.

Qin Yumin was standing right at the edge as if he might fall by accident at any moment.

“Mom, let me go talk to Dad. Don’t worry.”

Huo Mian briefly comforted her mother-in-law before walking towards the rooftop…

Qin Yumin had his back towards the door and was looking at the rushing traffic below his feet. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.


Huo Mian’s call made Qin Yumin slowly turn around.

“Mian, you’re here.” His voice was low, and his mood and expression differed from usual.

“Dad, let’s talk things out. What are you doing? You know we all are very worried about you, no?”

Huo Mian was scared as well…

Qin Yumin was just and righteous, he would never pull a prank like this. Him doing this meant that he really wanted to commit suicide.

“Mian, my illness can’t be cured. The world has no cure against cancer, especially not brain cancer like mine…”

“We can’t give up, as long as we have hope. Dad, even if Chu isn’t here, I am. I can perform surgery on you.”

“Mian, listen to me…” Qin Yumin looked profoundly at Huo Mian and said, “I know all about how we were framed by that despicable man who also made our stocks tank… The company is on the brink of collapse, and you should stop holding on so hard… I believe that I won’t be able to hold on for much longer with my disease… It would be better if I jumped and took my debt with me, so I can alleviate the stress on you and Chu’s shoulders.”

“Dad… How could you think that? The company might be in trouble now, but we’re not at the breaking point yet. I didn’t give up, so why should you?” With tears in her eyes, Huo Mian attempted to comfort him.

Huo Mian could hear the meaning in his words…

He meant that he would never recover from brain cancer.

He wouldn’t live long, so he should just jump off the building right now. Since he was GK’s legal representative, he could take full responsibility for the debt and therefore, the court and bank would stop chasing after her and Qin Chu.

However, death was a big deal, how could someone kill themselves just like that…

“Dad… don’t act on impulse. You only live once, and if you really jumped, you can never come back… Qin Chu is still in jail. If he knew about your decision, he would be heartbroken. Didn’t you tell me a few days ago that we can just sell the company, and what was important was that we stay together as a family? How could you go back on your promise now?”

“I just don’t want to add onto your burden. You’ve been so busy these days, going between the company, caring for us, and taking care of Chu’s business at the Public Bureau… Mian, thank you for everything. To be able to have you in our family is a blessing for us.”

“Dad, don’t think stuff like that, we’re a family.”

“Mian, take care of your mom… once the truth comes out and Qin Chu is proved innocent, tell him Dad’s sorry for leaving…”

After speaking, Qin Yumin moved his body forward, on the brink of falling.

Falling off a ten-or-so story building meant certain death…

Mrs. Qin howled, “Yumin, don’t be so stupid, how will I live on if you leave me?”

On the verge of tragedy, Huo Mian suddenly yelled, “Dad, I am pregnant!”


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