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( Huo Mian’s Wish (4)

Mayor Song seemed to know the kind of person Huo Mian was. How could such an intelligent girl do such an idiotic thing?

That being said, did she really kill his daughter? Was that really what happened?

It was a mystery that nobody could find the answer to…

Qin Chu finally realized what Huo Mian was after and his face dropped.


“I’m sorry, the suspect cannot speak to you right now. The judge wishes to ask her a few questions… If Huo Mian can prove what she said, we’ll have a retrial. If what Huo Mian said was false and she is found to be covering for Qin Chu, she’ll be detained for obstructing justice. Qin Chu will be trialed as normal.”

Anyways, no matter what happened, there would be a result today.

“What do I have to do now?” Huo Mian smiled faintly.

“Our lawyer is going to ask you a few questions. We’ll judge based on your answers,” the court worker looked at Huo Mian and slowly said.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Huo Mian’s family and friends looked at the incredibly calm Huo Mian with aching hearts.

Now, everybody realized why Huo Mian personally cooked for everybody the other day.

It seemed like the last supper…

Huo Mian knew that this day was coming, so she wanted to have one last gathering with everybody.

Zhu Lingling’s instincts were right; she knew something was off with Huo Mian that day.

Wei Liao sat beside Jiang Xiaowei, he was scared that she would be too sad and kept on consoling her.

“Xiaowei, that day when Huo Mian talked to you alone, what exactly did she say?”

Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t even speak at this point, she was just crying and crying…

“Xiaowei, don’t cry, you’re pregnant…”

This was the first time Wei Liao saw somebody as strong as Jiang Xiaowei break down, and his heart hurt unbelievably.

He turned around to look at Su Yu, only to find him completely stunned.

He could not accept the truth. And he had a dazed look in his eyes…

Huo Mian’s selfish decision was too sudden to Su Yu.

He already said that the Su Family would take Qin Chu out on medical parole, why couldn’t she just wait?

“Huo Mian is so stupid… She’s so intelligent, how can she not she know that Yu could take Qin Chu out for medical parole? Why is she doing this…” Wei Liao exclaimed.

Xiaowei flicked his hand away. “What do you know about it? Huo Mian isn’t stupid, we’re the stupid ones. We thought that everything would be perfect… Yes, the Su Family is powerful, but do you really think that medical parole is that easy? Furthermore, Mian said that Huo Siqian’s minions are all over the prison, do you really think that Qin Chu would leave the prison alive in that case? Who can be sure that Huo Siqian wouldn’t make a move?”

Wei Liao was a little shocked; indeed, none of them thought of such possibilities. It seemed like they didn’t consider everything.

In their group, Huo Mian was and would always be the smartest one…

She could always correctly analyze the situation in front of her…

“Ms. Huo Mian, please carefully answer our questions.”


“At what time did Song Yishi die?”

“March 27th, 2016 at 3:05 in the morning.”

“What’s her cause of death?”


“What did the body look like?”

“The torso of the corpse was in the washroom, and her limbs were separated,” Huo Mian calmly answered.

“Can you tell me the final position of the corpse? Which directions were the head and limbs pointed at?” the judge sternly asked.

The information was top secret, nobody else knew about it other than the people on the team and the murderer themselves.

So, if Huo Mian was able to answer, it would be a miracle…

Such details were crucial, and if she made a mistake, it would prove that she was lying.

Everybody nervously listened and waited for Huo Mian’s answer. It was a question that even Qin Chu couldn’t answer.


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