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(Desperation Leads to Inspiration (4)

“He didn’t,” Huo Mian answered simply.

“But, everything is pointing to him being the murderer right now. To be honest, I don’t believe he killed Song Yishi either,” Qin Ning said cumbersomely.

“Ning, do you know Song Yishi?” Huo Mian asked quietly.

“Of course. Our fathers were good friends. She’s had a crush on Qin Chu since she was little and always thought she would marry him one day. But, unfortunately, he didn’t like her back. She even visited Qin Chu a couple of times when he was studying abroad in the U.S. But, I’m not sure why she never went to Harvard to speak with him in person, so she would always try to bribe me into giving her information. She got me lots of gifts, and it was then that I knew that she wasn’t as innocent as she looked. I didn’t like her very much.” It was through Qin Ning’s words that Huo Mian uncovered Song Yishi’s determination for Qin Chu. Out of all the women that wouldn’t leave Qin Chu alone, Song Yishi was probably the most difficult one to deal with. They’ve had many encounters, to the point where they no longer cared in putting up a friendly front. Eventually, it led to the final round of drag racing that could have gotten both of them killed.

But now that Song Yishi had passed away, all the previous grudges and resentments seemed meaningless.

After a moment of silence, Huo Mian moved her lips and said, “The way Song Yishi died was a little brutal, but it has nothing to do with Qin Chu. Sometimes, it is the evil that we bring onto ourselves that’s the hardest to bear.”

It was very unfortunate that she was murdered, but why did she have to frame Qin Chu before her death?

What was with the damn diary? It literally led everyone to think she and Qin Chu had some hidden relationship going on, and thus concluded that the murder was based on a conflict in romance.

This bothered Huo Mian the most. If Song Yishi truly loved Qin Chu, she wouldn’t have left any evidence that would allow this to happen. In the end, it was clear that she loved herself the most. She was afraid of being killed, and so she sold out Qin Chu.

This surely wasn’t something that someone who loved Qin Chu deeply would do.

“So who’s the murderer? Why don’t they go for that person?” Qin Ning asked innocently. She was, after all, only nineteen – roughly the same age as Zhixin. It was understandable that she would ask such questions without really thinking much. They were still kids after all.

“The issue is not that simple, Ning. Qin Chu’s been framed, and they are trying very hard to separate us. But don’t worry, all you have to do is believe that he’s innocent.”

“I believe him, Sister-in-Law.” Qin Ning nodded.

Around this time, Mrs. Qin walked in through the door. “Mian, come and meet Uncle Qin.”

“Uncle Qin, you’re back,” Huo Mian greeted immediately.

Qin Hong looked very much like Qin Chu’s father, except that he was a lot younger.

“You must be Mian! What a wonderful young lady! I’ve heard all about you! Thank goodness we have you, especially with what’s been happening. My nephew definitely picked a great wife, we are all very thankful for all you’ve done for the Qin Family.” Uncle Qin looked at Huo Mian, his eyes full of admiration and sincerity.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m a member of the family, I’m merely doing what I’m supposed to.” Huo Mian smiled.

“What’s the situation like at the company, Mian?” Uncle Qin asked.

“Truth be told, not very well. We were on the verge of collapsing.”

“What about now? How much cash flow do you need?” Uncle Qin asked in a serious tone.

“We’re not short anymore, everything was taken care of this morning” Huo Mian smiled slightly.

Upon hearing this, Uncle Qin was startled. “It’s been taken care of? Didn’t you need at least a couple billion Yuan?”

“Yes, but I was able to borrow enough money. We’re not in the negative anymore.”

“Able to borrow enough? Mian, do you mean somebody loaned you billions of yuan?” Uncle Qin stared at the 24 year-old-girl in front of him in complete disbelief.



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