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( The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (3)

At that moment, Mo Xue’er went completely silent… because Huo Siqian grabbed her jaw so hard that it became dislocated…

The gutting pain spread across her entire body…

“I have two warnings for you. One, I was with you the night of the murder. I never left the apartment and I have no idea what you’re talking about. Secondly, do not ever compare yourself with Huo Mian.”

Mo Xue’er blinked a couple of times. Tears rolled down her face from the unbearable pain she felt both physically and emotionally… but she couldn’t say a word.

“Get the f*ck out before I kill you.”

With that, Huo Siqian went around Mo Xue’er and walked towards the second-floor bedroom.

His aura was dark. It wasn’t hard to tell that he was truly bothered by what happened.

Mo Xue’er quickly left the Huo Mansion, both her hands holding her jaw in place…

She was really asking for it, thinking that she was Huo Siqian’s most loyal lover, that she was truly devoted to him.

She also felt like she was smarter than everyone, that they were all under her control. Was that really the case though?

Recently, Huo Mian visited Mo Xue’er and threatened her with proof of her younger brother’s past criminal activities.

She thought that Huo Mian would use them to send her brother to jail.

However, no trouble was ever brought to her younger brother, and Huo Mian never spoke to her about it again.

She didn’t understand what Huo Mian was thinking. The woman never followed conventions but she still had everyone running after her like lost puppies.

After he got out of prison, Qin Chu went straight to the hospital with his family. Qin Yumin still hadn’t woken up yet, but he was no longer in critical condition.

“Who was Dad’s surgeon?” Qin Chu asked quietly.

“Doctor Liu was the lead surgeon and Mian assisted.”

“Of course…” Qin Chu knew it wasn’t luck that his father’s complex surgery went so well.

He wanted to be the lead surgeon himself but was unable to due to his ensuing arrest.

While he was in jail, he thought about how Huo Mian would operate herself.

He was absolutely right…

“Qin Chu, your wife’s skills are really amazing! If she studied in the States, she would’ve won awards already!” Qin Ning complimented.

“Is this really a good time to talk about this stuff?” Qin Ning’s father scolded.

“Go outside. I need to talk to your brother.”

“Oh, okay…”

Afterward, Qin Chu’s uncle pulled Qin Chu off to the side.

“Chu… did you hear about the attempt at a hostile takeover of GK?”


“I don’t think it’s safe here right now. Why don’t you move the company to the U.S? Your dad’s also going there to receive treatment anyways. We’ll leave together.”

“What about Mian?”

Qin Chu looked up at his uncle, his gaze grazing past the older man’s face.

“Mian… we can spend money and bribe the prison guards. We’ll find a way to get her to leave on medical parole.”

“Uncle… it’s not that simple. Whatever we think of, Mayor Song has probably also thought of. The same goes for Huo Siqian. There are too many people involved. The whole situation is a complete mess right now. Something unexpected might happen any second. I’m not leaving. I have to save Mian first.”

With that, Qin Chu turned and left…


Qin Chu’s uncle thought of the issue as something simple. He thought that money could fix everything.

If it were that easy, why did Huo Mian need to get herself into so much trouble?

As Qin Chu walked out of the hospital, he received a call from Jiang Xiaowei.


“Qin Chu, it’s Jiang Xiaowei. Where are you right now?”

“The hospital.”

“I need to see you, Huo Mian has something for me to tell you,” Jiang Xiaowei said, her heart as heavy as a giant stone…


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