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( Major Homicide (10)

“Isn’t it your job to find the murderer? Is it any use asking me? You wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you it was him.”

“Actually, Mr. Qin, I am a bit curious. How could you do something like this? You had it all: a high status, a lovely wife, friends, family… What drove you to commit murder? Our psychological analysts analyzed your behavior lately. You were stressed due to financial fluctuations in your family and you had no way to take it out. At that time, Ms. Song, who had been crushing on you for a long time, came to you and the two of you had an affair. You regretted it and didn’t want your wife to know, so you didn’t want Ms. Song to expose you. You were wavering between the two women… Some of your company’s employees saw Ms. Song argue with you in the front foyer. It’s because of this, no? When under stress, people lose the ability to think and analyze. It’s not entirely impossible for you to commit murder under that state of mind. It’s only cruel for you to dismember her. After all, you had a physical relationship with that woman.”

He Hongfei was subjective and opinionated, and he often thought he was right.

So, he speculated the above using the evidence he obtained.

Qin Chu indifferently scanned him. “As I’ve said, I didn’t kill or dismember anyone.”

“You can’t just say that you didn’t do it. The evidence is right in front of you. We are taking you into custody, we will officially press charges in a week…”

Upon hearing this, Qin Chu remained silent…

“I heard that your lawyers are very good at their jobs, I look forward to speaking with them. I want to see how they can free a murderer.”

“Haha, you’re making it sound as if I’m the murderer for sure. If I’m not, you’ll be so ashamed of yourself,” Qin Chu sneered.

“Really? I look forward to that day then.”

“I want to see my wife…” Qin Chu suddenly really wanted to see Mian.

When he left, he had told her not to worry and that he would be right back.

It looked like he wouldn’t be able to go back for a while. With all the evidence at hand, he was marked as a murderer.

He would be detained at the bureau until his trial date.

“Sorry, other than your lawyers, you’re not allowed to see anyone, including your family.”

Qin Chu fell silent once again…

“Take him away,” He Hongfei ordered, and two cops brought Qin Chu away from the interrogation room.

When Gao Ran arrived at the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Qin Chu was already brought into the interrogation room.

He didn’t see Qin Chu until he walked out…

“Qin Chu… What the hell happened?” Gao Ran charged towards him.

“I didn’t kill her, that bastard set me up.”

Qin Chu said bastard instead of Huo Siqian, but Gao Ran caught on immediately.

“Sir, he’s my best friend. I grew up with him, I know what he’s like. He would never kill anyone.”

“Gao Ran, the law’s absolute. There are no friends or family in the face of the law. The evidence is right there in front of us, what you’re saying right now does not matter at all. Take him away.”

He Hongfei coldly instructed, and the two officers brought Qin Chu away…

That made Gao Ran extremely anxious…

“Mr. He, can I join the investigation? I need to find faults in this case.”

“Sorry, I can’t allow that due to your special relationship with the suspect. You would be going into the case with personal emotions attached. Gao Ran, you’ve only been in the criminal police squad for a few years, and I’ve spent decades in the major crimes unit. Don’t doubt my judgment, okay?”

After speaking, He Hongfei turned and left…

Gao Ran scratched his head out of anxiety, as he had no idea how to handle the situation. At last, he charged into the office of the Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

“Gao Ran, I want to help, but we have no say in it anymore… The mayor is enraged… He lost his daughter, nobody else knows his pain. You saw the people from the provincial government, the major crimes unit took complete control of the case. Let it go.”

“Can’t you give me some wiggle room, do you really need me to go to my father?”

“It’s useless, even if you do. Your father isn’t brave enough to talk to the mayor about this incident. Let it go.”

The Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau waved and chased Gao Ran out of his office.

Bringing out his father, an officer in the provincial public security bureau was useless. It looked like Mayor Song had given absolute orders.

Right when Gao Ran left the Bureau, Huo Mian called.

He hesitantly picked up.

“Gao Ran, what’s going on now? How’s Qin Chu?” Huo Mian anxiously asked.


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