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( I Will Forever Protect Mr. Qin (10)

‘I have nothing to say to you,” Mayor Song said with a dark expression on his face, treating Huo Mian with animosity; he was positive that Qin Chu hurt his daughter because of his feelings for Huo Mian.

The only thing Song Yishi wanted all her life was to be with Qin Chu, but all he wanted was Huo Mian, which resulted in Song Yishi’s tragic death.

Mayor Song was filled with anger at the very thought that his daughter’s death had something to do with Qin Chu and Huo Mian – he no longer liked Qin Chu nor appreciated Huo Mian’s intelligence.

“Mayor Song, things aren’t as simple as they seem.”

“My daughter’s already dead because of the two of you, what else do you want?” Mayor Song glared at Huo Mian with blood-shot eyes.

Song Yishi’s death was a giant blow to the Song Family. Mrs. Song fell sick and was still hospitalized.

Mayor Song, on the other hand, had no choice but to busy about every day because after all, he was the mayor. However, he still hadn’t gotten over it at all.

Song Yishi was his only daughter, but she died so brutally…

“Mayor Song, Qin Chu didn’t kill your daughter, he didn’t,” Huo Main explained anxiously.

“The evidence is damning, what’s the point of saying this? Coming to me isn’t going to make a difference, tell that to the police… Anyways, I won’t let my daughter die in vain. I will make sure you pay, a life for a life.”

Then, Mayor Song walked right past her; when Huo Mian tried to run up to him, she was stopped by his bodyguards.

It seemed like Mayor Song was certain that Qin Chu killed Song Yishi and hated his guts.

Gao Ran said that Mayor Song had already commanded the justice department to sentence the murderer to death; Huo Mian originally wanted to explain everything to Mayor Song and see if there was a chance that he would change his mind, but he never gave her a chance to talk…

Huo Siqian really did a good job; he did it so well that Mayor Song really believed that Qin Chu was the murderer.

Out of all the evidence, the most damning one was Song Yishi’s handwritten diary.

Huo Mian knew Song Yishi wrote that diary, but the content was completely falsified.

She would never write a diary like that just to frame Qin Chu.

Song Yishi probably wrote the diary under Huo Siqian’s threats. It was not surprising that Song Yishi was controlled by Huo Siqian before her death.

Sadly, those who were unaware of the truth insistently accused Qin Chu of being the murderer.

Huo Mian was filled with grievance and fury…

When she drove back to GK Headquarters, she saw a bunch of people outside causing a scene.

A bunch of shareholders was gathered outside the company. Why? Because after news of Qin Chu being the suspect of murder, GK’s stocks fell… again.

The investors could no longer stand GK’s constant ups and downs, so they blamed the company for everything that had happened.

“Look, I think Mrs. Qin is in that car. Come on, let’s go find justice,” someone shouted. Then, a group of forty-year-old women ran towards Huo Mian’s car, forcing her to step on the brakes.

“Get off, you money-sucking vampire who only knows to defraud little citizens like us.”

“Yeah, you evil businesswoman, get out of the car. Since your husband’s in jail, you’re in charge, right? Give us back our money!”

“Huo Mian, get off the car. Don’t be such a coward.”

“Yeah, Mrs. Qin, at least provide us with an explanation! I bought so many GK stocks, my entire life’s savings is about to disappear!”

“Yeah, if GK’s stocks don’t come back up, we’ll be forced to jump off a building! You have to provide us with an explanation today!”


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