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(The Title ‘Genius’ Isn’t Just for Show (8)

The midnight air was so quiet that it felt creepy.

According to Rick’s investigations, Huo Siqian has been living alone at the Huo Family Mansion. The private mansion that Song Yishi used to live in had been sold for a very low price, and although Huo Siqian had numerous estates, his favorite seemed to be the Huo Family Mansion.

After what happened between Huo Siqian and Jiang Hong, the latter, in her fury, packed up all her things and moved out.

She also stopped interfering with the Huo Corporation.

In less than a year, the only person left in the Huo Family was Huo Siqian; he even fired all the maids…

He also rarely spent any time with ‘bed-buddies’, Wang Shasha and Mo Xue’er. Even if he did, he would never stay overnight.

To outsiders, Huo Siqian was becoming harder and harder to understand.

The mansion was dead silent when Rick arrived; he thought a person like Huo Siqian would have a 24-hour security detail, but he didn’t.

Rick suddenly remembered what Qin Chu said before he was detained, that Huo Siqian had two identities.

A lot of things probably happened during his six years in Germany…

Rick had followed Huo Siqian for a long time, but he never saw him fight. Even when Qin Chu pointed his gun at him, all he did was to smile.

Huo Siqian… was an extremely shrewd and secretive man. So much so that no one could see through his heart and predict his next actions. That was what made him more horrifying than most.

Rick took out a high-tech signal jammer, which blocked all the surveillance cameras around and inside the mansion. The originally-clear security footages immediately turned black.

Then, Rick swiftly flipped over the wall; he decided to come by himself because sending more of his people here was the same as sending them to die.

This time, he had to handle things himself, for his good friend, Qin Chu.

The mansion was pitch black, and Rick carefully and quietly made his way into the yard.

With an infrared scanner, he saw something moving at the end of the second-floor corridor. Therefore, he immediately climbed up without a sound.

A gust of icy-air blew through the windows, and Rick quickly walked up to the bed, lifted the covers and pointed his gun at whatever was under it.

“Purr… purr…”

A fat cat tied with rope cried aloud inside the comforters, and Rick noticed that he fell into a trap. The moment he turned around, all the lights in the bedroom turned on.

“My friend, I’ve been waiting for you,” Huo Siqian said as he played with a lighter.

Rick instantly picked up his gun and aimed it at Huo Siqian’s head. “My aim is very accurate.”

“I know.” Huo Siqian smiled.

“Release Qin Chu…”

“My friend, I didn’t arrest him, how am I supposed to release him?” Huo Siqian continued to smile.

“You’re the one behind this whole thing. If you can frame him, you can also save him.”

“What if I refuse?” Huo Siqian looked up into Rick’s eyes, ever so provocatively.

“Then today… is also the day of your death,” Rick said icily.

Huo Siqian glanced at Rick’s golden handgun and smiled faintly.

“A P226 semi-automatic handgun from Sweden, the US army officially began using it in 2010 and changed the name to MK25. It is currently the standard gun for the US Marine Corps. What a weapon, my friend.”

“It’s more than enough to kill you,” Rick replied, his expression icier than ever; he didn’t want to talk bullshit with Huo Siqian. All he wanted was to deal with him as quickly as possible and save Qin Chu.

Rick came with two plans.

One, to threaten Huo Siqian into releasing Qin Chu.

Two, if the first plan fails, he was going to kill Huo Siqian and rid themselves of any future trouble. That would make saving Qin Chu all the easier.

Or else, Huo Siqian would interfere with whoever tried to save him.

“You’re wrong, you don’t have to use such a powerful weapon to kill me. All you need is an ordinary 54 handgun.”

“If you don’t want to die, release Qin Chu right now…”

“I’m sorry… that seems impossible. It took me a long time to draw up such a perfect plan. Did you think capturing Qin Chu was easy? How can I give up just like that?”

“Yeah? If so, I have no other choice but to kill you,” Rick said as his fingers began slowly pulling the trigger…


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