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(I Will Forever Protect Mr. Qin (5)

“Qin Chu’s dream back then was to marry Huo Mian,” she said as she smiled happily, while Su Yu said sourly, “I’ve got to congratulate him for achieving his goal then.”

“The truth is… he’s actually a very stubborn man. He always expresses himself through actions rather than words. In comparison, I’m not good enough for him. Qin Chu lived alone in the States for seven years, but I dated someone else… I think he loves me more than I love him…”

“That was then. Right now, you don’t love him any less than he loves you.” Su Yu sought justice for Huo Mian, and she nodded. “You’re right… love is a two-way street. After I found out how much Qin Chu went through to be with me, I tried to make things up to him… I wanted to treat him well and protect him, but as you know, I’m useless. I’m always the one getting in trouble and he’s always the one cleaning up my messes… the few times I was able to help was because he gave me the chance to. Other than that, I really can’t bring anything into our marriage.”

“You seem to know him well…”

“Mhm, after all these years, we know each other like we know ourselves. Sometimes I can be a little impulsive, but once I calm down and analyze the situation, I would understand the reasons behind his actions. In the beginning, I was furious by Qin Chu’s request for a divorce and even cursed at him. Later, I realized that he must have had his difficulties…”

“What difficulties?” Su Yu asked.

“It’s something important, I’ll tell you about it in the future.”

“So… is this your way of telling me today that you love Qin Chu very much, and that no matter how much I like you, you still won’t accept me?” Su Yu smiled bitterly.

“No… I just wanted to say that a person encounters countless people throughout their lifetime and get to experience all emotions. Whether it’s family, friendship, or love, we should treasure those who treat us with generosity and attentiveness. Perhaps outsiders might think that your feelings toward me are childish, and that you want me because you can’t have me, but I know that’s not the case. The truth is, you and Qin Chu are alike. You’re both set in your ways – once you fall in love with someone, you won’t be able to fall out of it. That’s why I’ve given up on the idea of you forgetting about me. You’re right, you have authority over your own feelings, and it’s rare to meet someone whom you’re willing to do anything for. It’s even rarer for those feelings to be reciprocated. That’s why I treasure my relationship with Qin Chu more than anything.”

Huo Mian was a chatterbox today and often spurted her views about life and chicken soup for the soul.

Su Yu, on the other hand, was obviously smart enough to understand what she wanted to express.

Huo Mian’s love towards Qin Chu was undying and stood the test of time. However, even so, Su Yu was still unwilling to let her go.

Huo Mian was right… There were so many people in the world with such complicated emotions. How many of those emotions were really from the heart?

If it were from the heart, how long would they last?

Why did the seven-year itch exist? Because people were so bored and confused that some even forgot how much they used to treasure their other half…

In this messy society, how many people were really capable of spending their entire lives together?

“Su Yu…” Huo Mian said gently, prompting him to look at her lovingly. “Mhm?”




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