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( I Will Forever Protect Mr. Qin (1)


It was a first for Huo Mian to accept Su Yu’s invitation. Su Yu wanted to console her because she was in a bad mood, but to his surprise, Huo Mian really agreed to come out and drink with him.

It was a sensitive time, and Huo Mian’s actions were being watched by everyone. Therefore, after some brainstorming, they decided it would be best that they met in private, and Su Yu’s private mansion seemed like the best place to go…

After Huo Mian crashed her Audi R8, she didn’t drive any of the other cars at home, because their license plates were too flashy, and she would be stalked by the paparazzi as soon as she left the house.

Therefore, after changing into a low-key black sweater and placing a black baseball cap onto her head, Huo Mian took a cab to Su Yu’s mansion.

In the beginning, Su Yu felt like they shouldn’t meet up alone and wanted to call Tang Chuan, Wei Liao, and Jiang Xiaowei.

However, to his surprise, Huo Mian said it was fine, and that she wanted to talk to him alone.

It was already 10 PM when she arrived at Su Yu’s home. Countless bottles of beer and all sorts of snacks were placed on the coffee table on his living room…

Su Yu felt a little nervous and kept looking down at his watch as if he were a child waiting to meet someone important. He also sent countless messages to Huo Mian, worried that something might happen.

If it weren’t for those damned paparazzi, he would’ve driven his Lamborghini and picked her up from Sky Blessing Court… he didn’t enjoy sneaking around like a thief.

Ding Dong…

When the doorbell rang, Su Yu immediately got up to open the door, and Huo Mian walked in holding a giant plastic bag.

“What’s all that?” Su Yu wondered, and Huo Mian replied, “Fruit.”

Su Yu: “I’m not a patient, why did you buy me fruit?”

“It’s my first time here, wouldn’t it be awkward if I came come empty-handed?” Huo Mian came in and casually placed the bag of fruit on the cabinet by the door. Then, she changed into slippers.

Su Yu really didn’t have any girls over – the dozen-or-so slippers on the shoe rack were all for men, either black, grey or dark blue…

Huo Mian didn’t treat herself as an outsider and put on a pair of grey Totoro slippers. She smiled, “These slippers are cute, I bet they’re not yours.”

Su Yu rolled his eyes at her. “I’m not that childish, alright?”

“They’re Tang Chuan’s, aren’t they?” Huo Mian laughed.

“Stop showing off your IQ to me, I feel like an idiot in front of you.” In Su Yu’s opinion, Huo Mian was sometimes so smart that he couldn’t even keep any secrets from her nor prank her.

How boring…

“Do you have the booze ready?”

“Uh…” Su Yu froze.

“Didn’t you ask me out to drink?”

“There’s beer, baijiu, red wine, liquor… whatever you want”

The wine cellar at Su Yu’s mansion wasn’t as big as the one at South Hill Manor, but it had everything.

“Baijiu, something strong,” Huo Mian said, and Su Yu smiled. “What do you think about Erguotou?”


Then, Su Yu got them two bottles of quality Erguotou.

Huo Mian’s tolerance was good, but she rarely drank baijiu because it was too strong. Moreover, drinking baijiu burned her throat, all the way down to her stomach.

Huo Mian must be in a bad mood to ask for baijiu…

“Let’s split this 500-milliliter bottle…” Su Yu said as he poured them each a glass.

Huo Mian sat down on the couch and took off her sweater jacket to reveal a round-collared T-shirt. It was simple but comfortable-looking.

In Su Yu’s mind, wearing simple clothes were much more attractive than random trends. He liked white clothes as well – today, he was wearing a limited-edition white Versace T-shirt with some patterns on it.

Huo Mian glanced at the snacks on the coffee table and then at Su Yu. Helpless, she said, “Bro, don’t you have anything hot to eat? It’s so cold outside, is this how a super-rich man like you are supposed to treat guests?”


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