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(Only Huo Mian Was Still Trying (1)

Huo Mian didn’t say anything. Holding the light blue bottle in her right hand, she took out a sticky thing from god-knows-where with her left hand.

Putting the sticky thing onto the blue bottle, Huo Mian immediately threw it off the cliff.

“That simple? That’s all?” Su Yu paused for a moment, and just when he was about to go forward, he heard a loud bang coming from below…

It shocked him so much that his legs almost gave in…

The huge impact caused the ocean below the cliff to explode up, creating a huge water pillar. In the dark night, it resembled a black dragon.

“Holy f*ck… what was that?” It was Su Yu’s first time using a bad word in front of Huo Mian.

The thing was, it truly shocked him, and holy crap was it scary.

The deafening sound left his brain no time to think…

“S1 sticky mixed-type liquid explosive.” Huo Mian inserted her hands into the pockets of her coat and said as she calmly looked at the giant water pillar.

“How come I haven’t heard of it?”

Born into a military family, Su Yu had been exposed to many weapons and gadgets since childhood, including miniature bombs.

However, why hadn’t he heard of the thing Huo Mian was talking about?

Huo Mian turned around, smiled.

“Of course you haven’t heard of it, because it was something invented and named by me.”

Su Yu: “…”

At this moment, it felt like there were thousands of alpacas running through his heart…

Such a powerful explosive was actually developed by Huo Mian herself? Could she be even more unbelievable?

That explosive impact, by the looks of it, seemed to be enough to take out helicopters and tanks, right?

The military power of this was just too overwhelming…

Liquid explosives were high-end explosives, and because it was too dangerous, there were a lot fewer people that used it.

Right now, it seemed like most terrorists would use this type of explosive to carry out attacks, sacrificing themselves as a part of the explosion to take down their targets with them…

In the past, passengers taking flights were allowed to bring liquids onboard, like water, drinks, or makeup.

But then, later on, a case of security negligence led to a terrorist carrying explosive onto a plane and hijacking it.

Therefore, since then, people are only allowed to bring less than a certain amount of liquid onto their flights.

Liquid explosives have a short shelf life, and it’s also very dangerous to carry them around as they might explode at any time. So, it wasn’t common to see them, especially in Huaxia.

However, Huo Mian could actually develop this herself, and the explosive force was also so powerful. One had to say, she was indeed talented.

If Huo Siqian insisted on not letting her go, then she would have had considered detonating the bomb.

The giant mansion would instantly have blown up into pieces, and everyone near the house would have died.

Huo Siqian was smart, as he didn’t dare to bet…

So, despite being unwilling, he still let go of Huo Mian.

And then since Huo Mian didn’t want to carry this any longer than she needed to, she could only find a place to dispose of it…

Su Yu didn’t think he would be the witness and watch first hand as Huo Mian threw it away. And frankly, Su Yu was shocked…

In the past, Su Yu often heard people calling Huo Mian a genius, and at that time, Su Yu thought she was at most very witty – having fast reflexes and being able to come up with a lot of smart ideas…

Later on, when Huo Mian consecutively won two renowned medical-related awards, he admired her even more. He felt that Huo Mian could learn very fast and was indeed very talented in the medical field.

But today after he witnessed the power of Huo Mian’s home-made explosive, Su Yu truly understood the meaning of genius…

Who would’ve thought that elegant beauty like gentle water, an ordinary neurologist, could easily create such a powerful bomb… If this was in the military, she would be the genius everyone tried to fight for.

“All done, let’s go.”

Huo Mian said as she turned around and walked down the mountain…

“Hey… Huo Mian, wait for me, I have something to ask you.” Su Yu hurriedly chased after Huo Mian as he said.


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