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(Only Huo Mian Was Still Trying (6)

“Yingzi, don’t overstep your boundaries… I respect you for finding Ni Yang and saving him from a life of tragedy, but don’t treat him like an ATM and a money making machine… I really hope that you consider his well being over money…”

“What do you mean? Didn’t I treat Ni Yang well enough?”

“If you did, you wouldn’t have leaked his album for money and blamed it on Chen Jie… If you really treated him well, you wouldn’t have prevented him from dating in fear of him earning less money. You wouldn’t have prevented him from reuniting with his mother by encouraging him to hate his mother and brother…”

“You…” Shocked, Yingzi looked at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian slowly stood up from her chair. “Surprised? I investigated you a long time ago.”

“Do you know why I didn’t blow your cover the last time you betrayed the company?” Huo Mian continued to ask.

Yingzi remained silent…

“That was because I didn’t want to hurt Ni Yang’s heart by showing him how you really are. After all, during these years, you’ve become a savior-esque figure in his heart. He always thought that you saved him and considered him a family member, not a profit-making machine.”

“What proof do you have?” Yingzi pointed at Huo Mian and spat angrily.

“I’m not one for lying… Do you want proof? I have it. Look at this yourself,” Huo Mian said as she pulled out a file of documents on her desk and slung it on her…

The pictures all fell onto the ground…

They were records of Yingzi contacting the media to expose Ni Yang’s new album, and some other exchanges she did behind Ni Yang’s back… They were all profit related.

“I didn’t think that you were this kind of person, I really thought that you wholeheartedly wanted the best for Ni Yang and our company.” Bella looked at Yingzi with disgust.

“So, don’t start anything at this time… I don’t want to expose you either… But, you should know your place,” Huo Mian said as she looked at Yingzi meaningfully.

In the end, Yingzi didn’t say anything and left with her tail between her legs…

“Young Madam… You’re so close to Ni Yang, you should tell him the truth and switch his agent,” Bella suggested.

“It’s not that easy. It might be fine for the others, but Ni Yang is different. He treats her like family. I’m scared that he can’t handle it. Sure, Yingzi did treat him like a money-making machine, but she didn’t do anything too horrible. Plus, I don’t have time to deal with this right now… If she didn’t initiate the whole contract termination business, I wouldn’t even have exposed her like this. It’s usually best to leave people a way out…”

“Young Madam, you’re indeed kind-hearted,” Yang complimented.

“It’s no use being kind, I can’t save my Mr. Qin… I’d rather be cruel and ruthless than kind and compassionate…” Huo Mian bitterly smiled.

“Young Madam, the company might not last more than three days… You should think of a plan or give us an idea… The president is gone, the chairman is hospitalized, and you’re the only one we have to support us now… Hopefully, the company can survive through the hardship, we don’t want to leave GK,” Bella tearfully said.

“I’ll try my best, rest assured. GK is my life too. Bella, Yang, you’re free to go. I have something else I need to take care of.”


“Bella, Yang, wait. I have something else…” Huo Mian stopped them.

“Yes, Young Madam?”

“Young Madam, go on.”



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