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( Huo Mian’s Wish (5)

Huo Mian took in a deep breath, scanned the room, and answered, “The corpse’s head was facing upwards to the ceiling with blood pooling in the bathtub. The limbs dismembered from the body were the hands and feet. The feet were cut one-third the way below the knee, and the arms were dismembered ten inches from the elbow…”

After Huo Mian finished speaking, Officer He’s face changed.

“How… How did you know that?”

“Because I’m the one that murdered her…” Huo Mian even chuckled with the purity that only a little girl had.

It was top secret, and nobody else had access to the information other than Officer He and a few other leaders of the provincial party.

When they questioned Qin Chu, he only claimed that he didn’t kill anybody.

He never spoke of the time of death and the position of Song Yishi’s body in detail…

Officer He initially thought that Qin Chu avoided speaking of it because he didn’t want to admit to the crime.

Now, it seemed like Qin Chu really didn’t know anything

However, Huo Mian did, and it was too unbelievable…

“Officer He, you know about the deceased’s information the best, is Ms. Huo Mian correct?” the Judge asked with a serious tone.

“She is very correct.” He Hongfei solemnly confirmed in front of everyone, and he really didn’t know how to react anymore.

At that moment, everybody was dumbfounded…

Surprisingly, Qin Chu was the only calm one.

He knew that whatever Huo Mian wanted to do, she would have a ten out of ten guarantee of succeeding.

She would never act out of her feelings and disrupt the court with her blabbering.

If she admitted to the murder, then she would be absolutely prepared.

“How… How could that be?” Gao Ran dumbfoundedly looked at Huo Mian.

Such detailed information was not even available to the chief of the city bureau.

Mayor Song placed a lockdown on the information due to the irregularity of the case. He wanted to find out who the real murderer was.

Now that Huo Mian answered all the questions correctly, he was left in disbelief.

“Was Huo Mian really the killer?” Gao Ran was stunned.

Zhu Lingling punched him hard. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Lingling, you don’t understand. There’s a lockdown on all of Song Yishi’s information. Even our bureau chief doesn’t have the clearance to view it. How could Huo Mian know?”

“Maybe Huo Mian broke through your security system and got the information… You know, Huo Mian is a hacker. Computers aren’t a problem to her,” Zhu Lingling explained.

Gao Ran shook his head, “The city bureau uses the same security system as the provincial bureau, we use the first rate system in the country. Song Yishi’s info is behind multiple firewalls and locks. Even top level hackers leave trails… There was nothing. Officer He would have started investigating long ago if there was a trail, he wouldn’t let himself be on the defensive…”

Zhu Lingling’s guess was shut down by Gao Ran.

So, Huo Mian’s knowledge of the murder was truly a mystery.

“Huo Mian, what was your motivation behind killing Song Yishi?” Officer He questioned.

“She was always bothering Qin Chu… She was like glue… Clinging on between us.”

“Did you know about her affair with Qin Chu?”

“No, they didn’t have an affair. Song Yishi wrote that diary to provoke me, she lied…”

“Under what emotional state were you when you killed her?”

“She told me that she would be around us forever. As long as she lives, she wouldn’t let us live happily… She even said that she would work with her husband, Huo Siqian, to fight against GK.”

“So you killed her?” Officer He asked.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I was too angry,” Huo Mian slowly told her story.

“According to our evidence, Qin Chu went to Song Yishi’s mansion alone that night at 3 AM. How did you go?”

Officer He took stabs at questions that nobody else could answer.



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