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( What is Huo Mian Really Trying to Do? (6)

“I’m at the company.”

“Wait for me, I’ll talk to you when I get back,” Huo Mian said. After arriving at GK and going upstairs to the president’s office, she saw Ni Yang sitting on the couch.

It seemed like Yang complained to Ni Yang and told him a bunch of stuff, including Yingzi’s attempt to kick GK when it was down and demanding to terminate Ni Yang’s contract without paying the penalty.

Upon hearing all this, Ni Yang’s pretty face turned as cold as could be; no wonder Yingzi kept trying to convince him into leaving GK.

In the beginning, he didn’t think too much into the situation. However, not only did Yingzi disregard honor for money, she even turned Jie into the scapegoat of her own actions.

Too bad Chen Jie was a quiet girl who never complained about Yingzi – this pissed Ni Yang off even more…

“Young Madam, you’re back,” Yang immediately greeted Huo Mian by the door, and she nodded. “Mhm, where’s Ni Yang?”

“He’s been sitting in your office for half an hour.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian opened the door, and Ni Yang immediately stood up. “Sis…”

“Let me get a drink of water first, we’ll talk after.”

Then, Huo Mian walked up to the fridge, took out two bottles of water and handed one to Ni Yang.

She opened her own bottle and took a giant swig while Ni Yang looked dejected at her. “Sis… why didn’t you tell me what happened?”

“Where did you hear about all this?”

Huo Mian herself wasn’t one to talk about people behind their backs, so she never told Ni Yang about Yingzi.

“Everyone at GK Film and Entertainment knows about it now, and I’m the only one kept in the dark. You didn’t even tell me what she did in your office…”

“I didn’t want you to be sad. After all, Yingzi has been your manager for so long.”

“It’s true… she is very important to me, but I can’t stand there and just watch her make mistakes.”

“She didn’t want you to suffer and perhaps cared a little too much about money… but she’s right, you know.”

“What do you mean by that?” Ni Yang froze as he looked up at Huo Mian, who replied, “Ni Yang… the company isn’t doing well. If you want to terminate your contract, I won’t make you pay a penalty…”

“Stop it, I won’t leave!” Getting emotional, he stood up immediately.

“Ni Yang…”

“Sis… stop it, I know you’re trying to do right by me. You’re good friends with President Su of Imperial Star, and I know he’ll help me make a lot of money. But… I won’t leave. I came to GK for you, and as long as you’re here, I’ll be here too. We met as strangers, but you’ve always treated me like a little brother. You helped me reconcile with my mother and helped her save my brother. You even arranged my schedule so I could get more rest… and even gave me the company’s best resources. Thanks to you and GK, I’m now one of China’s top stars… I may be young, but I know what’s right and what’s wrong. People say that a drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring. I might not give you a burst of spring, but I’ll never betray you…”

“This isn’t betrayal…” Huo Mian consoled him, but Ni Yang looked at her and exclaimed loudly, “Leaving you right now is betrayal!”

“But the company isn’t doing well, my husband’s still in jail and someone’s maliciously buying GK’s stocks… so I don’t know what’s going to happen to GK, so…”

Before Huo Mian could finish her thought, Ni Yang interrupted her, “Sis, the company will do better… worse comes to worst, I’ll just stop being a celebrity…”

What Ni Yang said shocked Huo Mian to her core…

He smiled. “You know me well, Sis. I’m still young, but I debuted a long time ago and experienced a lot in this industry… The truth is, I’m extremely sick of the entertainment industry. I saw through fame and wealth and am willing to give up my celebrity aura. I may be disappointed without flowers and applause, but I’m also looking forward to living a happy and peaceful life. I have a lot in the bank, and will probably have enough to live the rest of my life… Once I leave the industry, I’ll marry Jie, have children and live a normal life… I admire the love between you and President Qin… No matter how much money a person has, having someone who loves you and never leaves you is more important… don’t you think?



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