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(The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (4)

Qin Chu and Jiang Xiaowei’s meeting spot was Seductive Fox. During a time like this, Rick’s territory seemed like the only safe place.

Jiang Xiaowei walked into one of the rooms to see Qin Chu already sitting inside.

He was wearing a fitted suit and his entire body looked frail… even his gaze was wary.

The waiter closed the door to the room…

Jiang Xiaowei took in a deep breath and said, “Mian… met with me after dinner a couple of days ago.”

“What did she say?” Qin Chu asked quietly.

“She said… she’s thought about this for a very long time and this is the best solution.”

“The best solution is to sentence herself to death?” Qin Chu raised his brows as if he found his wife’s actions to be incredibly questionable.

He was furious at Huo Mian, but at the same time, he was also extremely worried about her.

“She didn’t really have another choice. Actually, Mian is very meticulous. Her plans are more thorough than anything we can come up with…”

Qin Chu took out a cigarette, wanting to light it up. Before he lit his cigarette, however, he suddenly remembered that Jiang Xiaowei was pregnant, so he took it out of his mouth and held it in his hand instead…

“How did she get the details of the murder?” Qin Chu was very truly shocked by Huo Mian’s knowledge

“She met up with Lin Mingyu a couple of days ago.”

“Lin Mingyu?” Qin Chu looked up, brows furrowed as if he didn’t recognize the name.

Jiang Xiaowei explained, “He was one of Huo Mian’s arranged dates that the head nurse of the First Hospital set up for her. He’s a medical examiner. Not only that, but he was specially hired by the city bureau. Like me, he also works in the police system.”

“Mian bribed him?” Qin Chu asked.

Jiang Xiaowei shook her head. “Mian’s not that careless. The police’s security system is basically impenetrable. Bribes don’t work there and responsibility is everything. Knowing how important this case is, Lin Mingyu wouldn’t dare to take bribes.”

Qin Chu listened without responding…

After pausing for a brief moment, Jiang Xiaowei continued, “She made up an excuse to borrow Lin Mingyu’s cellphone and implanted a micro virus into it. Lin Mingyu’s cell phone and laptop shares information. There were a couple of passwords but Mian cracked them all… This way, there won’t be any traces left behind and no one will be suspicious. If she directly hacked into the police’s information system, someone will definitely discover something. This is also what makes Huo Mian so smart…”

Jiang Xiaowei smiled bitterly, “… and so unexpected. I have no idea that Mian’s a skilled hacker too.”

“She probably never told you, but when she was in the fifth grade, her curiosity led her to hack into C City’s power supply bureau. The entire city fell into sudden darkness…” Qin Chu’s lips curled ever so slightly at the mention of his wife’s childhood.

It was as if that playful genius of a girl was standing right in front of him…

“No wonder everyone calls Mian a genius. I thought that they were only talking about her medical abilities, I didn’t think…”

“What else did she say?” Qin Chu knew that Huo Mian had something important for Jiang Xiaowei to tell him.

“Mian said… you guys need to leave first. It’s too dangerous here, and Huo Siqian will keep trying to kill you until he succeeds. She wants you to take your parents, your uncle, and your cousin, and get them out of here. Move all of the company funds to your Swiss account and leave behind an empty shell for someone to take over. Once she finds a way out, she’ll go look for you in the U.S.”

“Wait for her to come out? When will that be?” Qin Chu asked calmly.


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