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( Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (6)

Before she went to see Huo Siqian, Huo Mian made a trip to Sky Blessing Court.

She put on something different. Because of her depressed state, she had been wearing darker colors recently…

Most of her clothes were at South Hill Manor. She didn’t have the heart to remove all of her clothes even during her divorce with Qin Chu.

After some fumbling, she was finally able to find a pure-white sweater.

She changed into a pair of navy pencil pants and put on a pair of flat boots.

She then threw on a wine-colored cashmere coat. She looked both poised and elegant.

She stood in front of the mirror and realized that she looked a little pale…

Before she left, Huo Mian carefully placed a small light-blue bottle inside her purse.

– The Huo Mansion –

It had been a long time since Huo Mian was here. The sight of the mansion reminded her of many memories, like the turbulent relationship between her mother and Huo Zhenghai and the resentment between her, Huo Siyi, and Huo Yanyan.

There was also her grandma’s funeral, Shen Jiani’s begging, and Jiang Hong’s threats.

It was as if everything had just happened yesterday.

The sight in front of her was completely different from what she remembered.

Truthfully speaking, the Huo Family Mansion wasn’t the grandest or the most luxurious structure. It was simply valuable due to its close proximity to downtown. It was one of the earliest developed rich neighborhoods.

Now, it looked like nothing more than an old house…

The empty mansion was no longer as glorious and lively as it used to be.

Ever since Jiang Hong moved out, Huo Siqian was the only one left. He even learned to cook for himself.

Expecting Huo Mian, he made sure to buy many fresh ingredients from the local grocery store.

Standing before the Huo Family’s mansion, Huo Mian hesitated for a moment before slowly ringing the doorbell.

When Huo Siqian opened the door and saw Huo Mian, he smiled.

“Mian, come on in.” He had a warm smile on his face.

Huo Mian walked in without a word…

She looked around the living room. Everything still looked the same.

“Take a seat first. There are still a few things I need to get, I’ll right back.”

Upon hearing what he said, Huo Mian gave no response…

With her purse in her hand, she took a seat on the sofa.

Huo Siqian put down a plate of fruits in front of Huo Mian.

“Mian… have some fruits first. Are you hungry?”

“Huo Siqian, I’m not here to eat, I…”

Before she could finish, Huo Siqian cut her off.

“Sh… I’m in charge today. Wait for me, the food will be ready right away.”

With that, Huo Siqian walked toward the kitchen…

Huo Mian remained silent; her expression was heavy and she showed no hint of a smile.

After waiting for about 10 minutes…

Huo Siqian brought over to the dinner table plate after plate of food. He then called out to Huo Mian, “Mian, the food’s ready. Come!”

Huo Mian stood up slowly and walked over to the dinner table…

Glancing at the table, a dazzling array of seafood, vegetables, and fruit salads entered her sight. It was more than a feast.

It was impossible for the two of them to finish all of it. Actually, it was probably impossible for eight people to finish all that food.

The dishes were filled with Huo Mian’s favorite, seafood. There were king crabs, Australian lobsters, bamboo shrimps, mantis shrimps, large conchs…

“Mian… come, sit.”

Huo Mian sat down quietly.

Huo Siqian placed another bowl of something down in front of Huo Mian.

“This is brown sugar ginger water… drink this first and your stomach won’t hurt when you eat seafood later.”

“I’m not here to eat.”

“I know. I’m just happy that you’re here, even if you don’t eat anything,” he said.

Huo Siqian then sat down across from Huo Mian and began to chow down on a crab.

“The weather is still cold. The crabs are not that fat but they are very fresh. They were all caught by the fisherman yesterday… you should have some.”

“I don’t want to eat anything,” Huo Mian said sternly.

“If I remember correctly, seafood is your favorite. I was thinking, if you come home to eat, I’ll make you all kinds of delicious seafood… and you can eat them all until you are full,” Huo Siqian laughed as he continued to speak.

He was surprisingly chatty today… rambling on and on as if he couldn’t stop.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, just sat there and quietly watched him…


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