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(I Will Forever Protect Mr. Qin (8)

Qin Chu wasn’t surprised by what Huo Siqian did to him nor was he worried about his current situation, since he knew about the latter’s ambitions from the very beginning.

The only thing he felt was regret. Why didn’t he hug Huo Mian more that evening? Why did he say goodbye so casually when she left?

After arriving at the municipal bureau, he didn’t think he would be immediately detained.

It had been three days and three nights since he last saw Huo Mian; back when he went on business trips, he could at least send WeChat messages or video-call her.

However right now, he couldn’t even get in touch with her… He really missed her.

“Mian… are you alright? Are you worried about me?”

Qin Chu couldn’t sleep and felt restless because Huo Mian was enduring all the pain and pressure alone. He regretted walking into Huo Siqian’s trap so easily.

Truth be told, it wasn’t completely Qin Chu’s fault. Huo Siqian was just too ruthless.

Neither Qin Chu nor Huo Mian would ever have thought that Huo Siqian would kill Song Yishi, let alone dismember her corpse…

Song Yishi wasn’t any other socialite; she was Mayor Song’s daughter! However, Huo Siqian was more than beyond help…

Qin Chu remembered Song Yishi complaining to him how Huo Siqian was a psycho who wouldn’t agree to divorce.

Therefore, she had no choice but to play along and drag this out…

In the beginning, Qin Chu and Huo Mian thought Huo Siqian wanted to use Mayor Song’s reputation to expand his empire.

However, he finally realized that it was just all a game of chess. Song Yishi was no more than a chess piece that he placed a long time ago but waited until now to sacrifice.

That was why Huo Siqian said Song Yishi had value…

Perhaps they didn’t know that Huo Siqian began plotting everything the moment he met Song Yishi; she was the mayor’s daughter so if she died, the entire city would erupt.

His attack was so sudden that even people as smart as Qin Chu and Huo Mian failed to anticipate or counter it.

Huo Siqian wasn’t that smart, but he was good at calculating and manipulating… Perhaps it had a lot to do with growing up in the Huo Family. Every single person in that family only thought about benefiting themselves.

They may look like one big happy family on the outside, but on the inside, they were all secretly sharpening their blades and preparing for battle.

After all these years, Huo Siqian has gotten used to calculating his every step. He had to play his each move carefully and just right before… abandoning his chess pieces.

Qin Chu’s first trial was a few days away; on that day, Mian would come, right? He would be able to see her, right?

He wondered if she was eating and sleeping well. Did she gain or lose weight?

Just like that, Qin Chu sat quietly in his dark room, hanging onto his thoughts about Huo Mian as he spent night after night inside detention.

He felt like it was seven years ago, when he lived alone in the U.S.

Whenever he thought about how he could marry Huo Mian and be with her for the rest of his life, his heart filled with happiness – that was the faith that he hung onto for all those years.

The next morning, Huo Mian received a phone call from Yang at 7 AM.

“Young Madam, can you come to the company?”

“What’s going on?”

“A bunch of executives are job-hopping… we can’t control the situation anymore.”

“Wait for me, I’ll be right there,” Huo Mian said as she jumped out of her bed. She drove Zhixin’s Chevrolet right to GK.

The company was in shambles by the time she arrived. Over the past few days, she had only been thinking about Qin Chu’s arrest and rarely asked about GK. However, chaos erupted…

“Young Madam…” Bella and Yang already arrived at the company bright and early.

“What’s going on right now?”

“Out of the 21 department heads at GK, 16 of them submitted letters of resignation. They said they don’t even want their unpaid salaries or bonuses.”

“They went to the Huo Corporation?” Huo Mian asked, and Yang and Bella nodded silently…

She took a deep breath in; that asshole Huo Siqian always knew to kick them when they were down. He was taking full advantage of Qin Chu’s absence and throwing gas on the flame, poaching all of GK’s executives…


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