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(I Will Forever Protect Mr. Qin (6)

“I will forever protect Mr. Qin… he shouldn’t be the only one working for our relationship, I don’t want him to one day become exhausted… He’s still young, but he endured the pain that a man his age isn’t supposed to endure. My heart aches for him, so I’m going to defend him until the day I die…” Huo Mian said with determination.

“Okay,” Su Yu replied with one word, but his mind was tumbling with emotions.

Then, she raised her glass. “I’d like to make a toast to you… thank you for not hitting Qin Chu when he’s down, even though you guys are love rivals; thank you for quietly solving my problems when I’m in need; thank you for letting yourself be suspected for murder just to protect my reputation; thank you for singing that song for me during the company’s anniversary event; thank you for all the fireworks during my birthday… Su Yu, you’re a great guy, and you’re a true gentleman. I’m not Saint Mary nor am I a philanthropist, but the man I choose must be broad-minded and magnanimous. I despise men who use despicable means to achieve their goals… If I never met Qin Chu, I think I would choose you to be my boyfriend, because I respect so many things about you.”

“Are you complimenting me?” Su Yu smiled, and Huo Mian shook her head. “I was just telling the truth.”

“You make me sound so perfect… gosh.” He raised his glass as well. Their glasses clinked before they each drank a shot of baijiu.

After this drink, Huo Mian’s face began reddening.

“Your face is so red…” Su Yu tilted his head and glanced at Huo Mian, who covered her cheeks with her hands and leaned back on the couch behind her. “It’s a saying that people whose faces turn red after drinking make good friends.”

“Bullshit, I thought you were a doctor, why are you so superstitious? It means your liver is being overworked and can’t decompose the alcohol in your body, and that’s why it shows on your face.”

“Wow, look at you, I didn’t know you knew stuff like this.” Amused, Huo Mian looked at Su Yu, who replied arrogantly, “Who do you think I am? I was top of my class at the military academy, alright?”

After they finished two bottles of baijiu, Su Yu stood up and was just about to go get some more when Huo Mian shook her hands. “We should call it a night. We’ll both throw up if we keep drinking.”

“Sure… should I make you some tea?”

“It’s okay, I should go…” Huo Mian slowly got up after looking down at her watch.

“So soon?” Su Yu was a little unwilling, but Huo Mian said, “It’s been more than three hours…”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu looked down at his watch; she arrived at 10 PM, and it was almost 1:30 AM.

“I’ll drive you home.”

“No, it’s okay, I’m not going home. I’m going to Seductive Fox.”

“For what?” confused, Su Yu asked.

“I’m meeting Rick, we talked over WeChat a while ago and since he’s good friends with Qin Chu, I thought he might help us think of a way.”

“I’ll drive you to Seductive Fox then.”

“No, it’s okay. Rick already sent his people to pick me up. You’ve had a lot to drink as well, you should get some rest.”

“Okay then…” Su Yu said with hints of disappointment in his tone. He then walked Huo Mian to the gates and didn’t go back in after she got into a black Mercedes business-class.

After returning back to his mansion, he carefully placed the food Huo Mian cooked into the fridge.

The next morning, he was eating the leftovers when Tang Chuan walked into his house, leaving the latter in utter shock.

Su Yu had never eaten leftovers, not once in his life. So why was he eating leftovers that didn’t even look that appetizing?

Tang Chuan was speechless… Of course, he had no idea that Huo Mian made those dishes.

– Inside a secret room on the top floor of Seductive Fox –

When Huo Mian walked in, Rick was speaking in English with his family’s headquarters in the United States.

“Rick… you wanted to see me?” Huo Mian asked quietly.


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