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( Only Huo Mian Was Still Trying (7)

“Let everyone know that at this time, I will be accepting all resignations. But there is only one rule: whoever quits now will be put on GK’s blacklist, never to be rehired. Let those who choose to stay know that once this crisis is over, their salaries will be doubled.”

“Okay, I will send out a notice right now.” Bella nodded as she walked out of the office with Yang, leaving Huo Mian sitting alone in the president’s office…

She let out a deep sigh and pressed her temples with her hands, looking exhausted.

Recently, she tired easily and always felt dizzy and sleepy. Huo Mian thought she was being overworked.

She opened her bag and put a piece of chocolate in her mouth to gain some energy.

Then, she closed her eyes, hoping to rest her eyes for a couple of minutes.

Ever since Qin Chu was arrested for murder, even Director Wu called his connections and tried to help him, but unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

It was also Chen Jie’s day off. She came over to visit Huo Mian and brought her some dishes that she had made.

However, Huo Mian didn’t have much of an appetite for it…

Su Yu was right; this was such a tough situation that many people failed and gave up on, but only Huo Mian kept trying.

Huo Mian knew that if she gave up, no one could save Qin Chu.

He was entangled in Huo Siqian’s perfect trap, which was planned carefully and was basically inescapable.

No one could see any weakness in that trap. They couldn’t figure it out at all.

Huo Mian thought about it for a few nights; the truth was, she didn’t want to use her last resort.

Unless it was approaching the end of the world, she didn’t want to go down that road. But with the date of the first trial approaching, there was no other way out except that one.

– Some Island in the Pacific Ocean –

A bright and beautiful young girl, wearing a long sky-blue Bohemian dress, stood on the cruise ship with a glass of champagne in her hand.

“Boss, here is the latest information I found.”

“Mhm.” The young girl put her wine glass down, picked up the document, started reading carefully without missing a single word.

“The situation is already so complicated.”

“It is, Boss. Do we need to step in?”

The young girl remained silent.

“Your brother-in-law is in jail now. His company’s stocks are being purchased maliciously, their situation is quite dire.”

The young girl still remained silent.

“Boss, are you worried about what the professor said?” the man next to the girl asked hesitantly.

“Yes,” she nodded, “Dad said that if I went back to help her right now, it will blow her cover. If her true identity gets involved, the situation will be a hundred times more dangerous than it is now. Right now she’s going through some hard times, but at least she’s not in life-threatening danger. Also, rumor has it that my sister’s husband is friends with an American mafia group. The Rick and Lino Brothers won’t sit on the side and do nothing.”

“But even if what he said is all true, Boss, don’t you also worry about her safety?”

The young girl seemed to be affected by what her lackey said. She bit her lip and fell silent.

After a bit…

She started slowly, “Dad has lived longer than me, I know he has his reasons behind the words he says and the decisions he makes. Plus, his love for my sister is not much less than mine. Maybe this is really not the best time to find my sister. Maybe we should keep waiting and see.”

Afterward, the young girl picked up the champagne glass and finished it in one sip.

Then, she walked into the cabin with a heavy heart.

Over the last few years, she had visited almost the entire world. It seemed like there was nowhere that she had never been.

The highest she had been was the Himalayas; the lowest she had been was the deep sea of Alaska.

Europe, Australia, Asia… The seven continents and four oceans, there wasn’t a place that she had never been to.

The life she experienced was also under the fire of guns and bullets.

The whole world knew that she was the professor’s daughter, so she had to live a cautious life filled with anxiety.

She had to try to make sure she didn’t get caught, that she didn’t get captured as a hostage to be used against her dad and that she tried to stay safe and not make her dad worry.

So what her dad said was not wrong. Over the last twenty-or-so years, her sister’s peaceful life was much happier than hers.

Although she had a lot of money and a lot of followers, her life was in a struggle between life and death.

To her, just being able to see tomorrow’s sunrise was a luxury.

Ever since she was born, she only had two wishes:

One was that she could survive and leave behind her life of guns and bullets.

The other one was to meet her sister Huo Mian and reunite as a family.

Two days later, the High People’s Court held the first hearing for major homicide 327.

Wearing a black suit and with her hair tied in a bun, Huo Mian appeared before the court, looking smart and professional.


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