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( The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (2)

Lin Mingyun immediate called a familiar face in the city bureau.

After a 10-minute phone call, he finally figured out what was going on.

Lin Mingyu hung up the phone, still unable to grasp the fact that this was all happening.

He knew that something was off…

If Huo Mian was the murderer, why did she ask him for help in finding clues?

Huo Mian didn’t look she would kill anyone!

However, if she wasn’t the killer, why did she know so much of the details?

All in all, Ling Mingyu couldn’t sleep that night. Truthfully, he really admired Huo Mian from deep in his bones.

He fell for her ever since his cousin introduced them to one another.

Due to his pride and status as a medical examiner, however, he felt superior to her and put on a facade.

In the end, Huo Mian completely obliterated him…

He originally wanted to pursue her but gave up after he found out she was taken.

It was not until recently, where the news of Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s marriage crumbling broke out, did his glimmer of hope fire up again.

When he saw Huo Mian again, however, he finally realized that she was entirely devoted to Qin Chu. It didn’t matter whether or not she was single; none of it would ever be Lin Mingyu’s business.

If someone like Su Yu, a man whose wealth could be compared to nations, couldn’t get her, who was he to try?

Lin Mingyu still had a glimmer of hope towards Huo Mian, as if she was now an impossible dream of his.

“Huo Mian’s not the killer. She probably lied just to save her husband.” This was Ling Mingyu’s opinion regarding Huo Mian and this case.

It was already very late when Huo Siqian arrived back at his mansion.

Mo Xue’er was sitting on the living room’s sofa, smoking a cigarette in the dark.

“Why are you here?” Huo Siqian’s gaze coldly swept across Mo Xue’er’s face.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Why do you have keys to this place?” The Huo Mansion held a special place in Huo Siqian’s heart.

Although it was filled with unhappy childhood memories, there were also happy ones. That was why he never moved out of it.

This was where he first met Huo Mian when they were both kids…

“Picking locks is easy for me,” Mo Xue’er answered as she got up, nipped her cigarette, and walked over to him. “I heard that… Huo Mian’s a murderer?”

Mo Xue’er smiled, her slender fingers caressing Huo Siqian’s chest.

“Don’t mess with me…” Huo Siqian’s voice was frighteningly cold.

His mood was at an all-time low and many people had already suffered his wrath.

“Don’t be like this… maybe her death is the only way for you to be free. You’re not going to let a woman control your whole entire life, are you?”

Upon hearing this, Huo Siqian grabbed Mo Xue’er’s hands and flung them away from himself harshly, “Don’t talk about her, you’re not worthy.”

“Huo Siqian… don’t forget. I’m your accomplice.” Mo Xue’er was ticked off by his anger.

“What accomplice?” Huo Siqian looked at her calmly.

“On the night of the murder, although we were drinking together, I knew that you put something in my drink. I’m usually a very light sleeper and would wake up from any noise, but that night, I was completely out until 8 AM the next morning. This has never happened to me in the past five years, so, I know that you put sleeping pills in my drink. After I fell asleep, you definitely left to do something. You came back before I woke up to make me think you were with me the entire night. You may be able to trick the others, but you can’t trick me. Maybe the police believed you, but I don’t. Don’t pretend you’re my savior. I’m not your dog. You don’t get to tell me when to come and when to leave. Huo Mian’s no more than a piece of crap. What do you mean ‘I’m not worthy’? She’s the one who’s not worthy! I’m a famous celebrity. My life’s been so glamorous. What about her? She’s nothing but an illegitimate child, a b*tch who stops at nothing to seduce rich men…”

Right as Mo Xue’er finished her statement, a crisp cracking noise sounded…

It was bones breaking…



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