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(Only Huo Mian Was Still Trying (2)

“Just say what you want to…”

“Did you really invent that?”

“Of course, did you think I bought it from the supermarket?” Huo Mian smiled.

It was true that the country had strict laws. Purchasing explosives was impossible, and firearms were hard to come by.

“So, how did you do it?”

“The principle is simple, it was made from multiple chemical compounds, but I can’t tell you…”

“I didn’t want the formula, I just find it really dangerous to bring liquid explosives around. Usually, you need a catalyst like fire, but I saw you use something sticky…”

“Mhm, that was the catalyst.”

“You developed that yourself too?” Su Yu was shocked.

“Yep. That would be safer. Otherwise, I might’ve gotten blown up any second.”

“You were going to use it against Huo Siqian… No, you wanted to go down with him?” Su Yu asked.

“If he wanted to harm me, I would have… He won’t though, he’s scared of dying.”

Huo Mian got straight to the point…

It was true that Huo Siqian was afraid of dying, so he didn’t want to gamble with Huo Mian.

“Damn, Huo Mian, you’re so cool… seriously.”

Huo Mian was made speechless by what he said…

“You kinda wasted it though, I wanted to see it and you didn’t let me.” What a pity for Huo Mian to get rid of it before he even got a glance.

“I was scared that you would be in danger,” Huo Mian said.

“No, I saw you set it off with clay… I don’t have a catalyst on me, so it won’t go off.”

“No, other than setting it off with clay, pressure can set it off too… Say, if you squeeze the bottle, it’ll explode on the spot…”

Su Yu was speechless…

“I invented it to defend myself… If the situation was at hand and I didn’t have access to clay, I would need a backup plan…”

“But if you squeezed it, then you…” Su Yu couldn’t finish the sentence, but his heartfelt ice cold.

“Yep, I would be going down with him.”

“Then… you still kept it on you, but what if you fall by accident and squeeze it…”

“It would explode too, any external pressure would set it off.”

“Damn…” Su Yu was scared now.

Huo Mian was too brave, bringing around an item that might explode at any moment.

She was even brave enough to walk for so long in the snow…

This woman… was one of a kind.

“You scared?” Seeing Su Yu’s expression entertained Huo Mian.

“Everyone would be scared, what you invented is something that can blow people to bits…” Su Yu sweated.

“I handled it, it’s fine.”

“I never thought that you would have such a cool skill… Looks like I don’t need to buy fireworks every year anymore. You can just make me some, haha…”

Su Yu had a great imagination…

Huo Mian couldn’t find a response.

Su Yu was the only one who would think of using explosives to replace fireworks.

“Are you hungry? Shall we go eat?”‘ Su Yu happily followed behind Huo Mian.

He was like a giddy sidekick… The truth was, he admired Huo Mian a lot.

“I’m not hungry, my stomach has been hurting a lot lately, I can’t eat anything.”

“You’re just too stressed… I know a Hong Kong restaurant… Their soups are nice, let’s go there… You can tell me your thought process of making a bomb on the way there.”

Huo Mian was speechless.

Su Yu was truly obsessed with the explosive and admiringly looked at Huo Mian.

Who thought that a cute girl like Huo Mian could make such a strong weapon?

Su Yu thought that he could talk to his grandfather about recruiting Huo Mian into his squad.

“I really don’t feel like eating…” Huo Mian politely refused.

“Just think of it as accompanying me while I eat, okay? Carrying a piggy like you up the hill completely exhausted me.” Su Yu rarely coaxed Huo Mian, but today he put on a puppy face… making the latter feel bad for refusing.


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