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( I Will Forever Protect Mr. Qin (2)

“Uh… I’ll order some delivery.” Su Yu picked up his phone and was just about to dial when Huo Mian interrupted him, “Forget it, it’s too late, we’ll fill ourselves up with snacks by the time the food arrives.”

“What should we do then?” Su Yu was confused; he rarely had any guests and therefore rarely had food at home.

The snacks he prepared today were from the last time Tang Chuan and Wei Liao came to play card games at his place.

Most importantly, he never thought Huo Mian would ever come to his house, so he was utterly unprepared.

“Do you have any ingredients at home?”

“…” Su Yu wasn’t sure what to say.

Huo Mian glanced at him. Then, she got up and walked right up to the fridge.

There were quite a lot of things in there, including beer and popsicles, along with some non-perishable foods. After fumbling around the fridge, she finally gathered a bunch of stuff and placed them onto the kitchen counter.

“What’s going on?” Dumbfounded, Su Yu asked from the kitchen door, and Huo Mian responded, “I’m making a few dishes, or else our stomachs will hurt from the baijiu.”

Huo Mian was a doctor, so naturally, she was a health-nut.

In Su Yu’s daze, Huo Mian finished preparing the first dish. She turned around and handed it to him. “Take this to the living room, I’ll make another.”

Su Yu felt like he was dreaming as he brought the plate of green pepper and egg stir-fry out. Was Huo Mian, the woman he was crazily in love with, in his kitchen cooking for him?

This was something he never thought would happen – what a luxury!

Before Su Yu left the kitchen, he snuck a glance at Huo Mian, whose skinny figure busied about in the kitchen. Then, he felt his heart flutter.

Ten minutes later, Huo Mian brought out another dish – broccoli and pork stir-fry. Then, she went back into the kitchen and came out with a bowl of soup.

“There’s not a lot of condiments at your place, this was all I could make…”

Su Yu glanced down at the winter melon and vermicelli soup… feeling warmth well up in his chest.

“Go on, eat… then, we’ll start drinking.”

Without disguising herself, Huo Mian casually began digging in, as if she were all friends with Su Yu. The two of them didn’t speak as they gobbled up the food.

The truth was, Su Yu had tasted delicacies of every kind, so in comparison, Huo Mian’s food was only okay. However, because she was the one who made the food, Su Yu felt surges of happiness with each bite he took.

“Is the food okay?” Huo Mian asked nonchalantly, and Su Yu replied with arrogance, “It’s meh.”

“You should be glad that there’s food to eat… stop being so picky.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Do you cook a lot at home?” Su Yu held a bowl of rice in his hands and asked her.

“Not really, ever since I married Qin Chu, I rarely cook, because… his cooking is better than mine,” Huo Mian said, her expression became gentler than ever at the thought of Qin Chu.

Upon seeing her like this, Su Yu felt a pang of jealousy… Although Qin Chu wasn’t with Huo Mian right now, she still felt different at the mentioning of him…

She must love him very much…

“I saw the comments on your Weibo… you shouldn’t think too much about it. Let them say what they want, and you do what you want…” Su Yu consoled Huo Mian, but she shook her head.

“I don’t care what they say about me, no matter how harsh their words are, I can just ignore them. But… them saying that Qin Chu is useless and weak really pushed my buttons. I know Qin Chu better than anyone, we’ve known each other since we were teenagers and although we weren’t together all these years, we know each other better than anyone. Qin Chu’s been doing so much for me, he’s willing to suffer a million grievances just to protect me from getting hurt. Huo Siqian’s smart enough to figure out Qin Chu’s weakness, and that’s why he’s been pressuring him and setting him up like that. If Qin Chu was willing to kill to get what he wants, Huo Siqian would’ve died a long time ago…”


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