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(Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (7)

“Are you done eating? If you are, can we talk?” Huo Mian asked.

“Go ahead, I’m listening.” Huo Siqian continued eating his shrimp, looking very content.

“Huo Siqian… what will it take for you to let us go?”

Huo Siqian’s hands paused for a moment. “Why are you asking me this?”

“Stop pretending… just tell me, if it’s money that you want, I can give you all of our money. I can even give you GK. Just… don’t hurt Qin Chu.”

Huo Mian was now pleading…

She knew of Huo Siqian’s sick ways; he was a psychopath and was capable of anything.

This time, she was truly begging him to let Qin Chu go…

“Mian, I don’t want money,” Huo Siqian said as he lifted his head and stared at Huo Mian.

“Then what do you want?” Huo Mian furrowed her brows.

“You should know…” Huo Siqian’s gaze turned gentle.

Huo Mian hated looking into his eyes. It brought her a great deal of discomfort and freaked her out…

Seeing Huo Mian become silent, Huo Siqian smiled and said, “The only thing I’ve ever wanted was you.”

“Is it my body? All you want is my body, right?”

“No… I want all of you… I want a lifetime with you.”

Huo Mian laughed at his answer…

“Huo Siqian… you’re asking for something I cannot possibly give you…”

It was the truth. She had already promised her life to Qin Chu; it was impossible for her to give herself to anyone else.

Even if Qin Chu didn’t exist, Huo Mian still wouldn’t choose Huo Siqian as her lover.

After all, she hated low lives with no morals.

“You can… As long as you’re willing, I’ll spoil and love you for the rest of your life. I’ll never look at another woman. I’ll never blame you for anything. What Qin Chu can give you, I’ll give you tenfold. If Su Yu spoils you 100 percent, I’ll spoil you 1,000,000 percent. Mian, give me a chance. I’m finally powerful enough to love you now…”

“Huo Siqian… are you done playing around?” Huo Mian looked at him coldly.

“You don’t believe me?” Huo Siqian’s eyes were glazed with disappointment.

“Why should I trust you? You don’t deserve to be trusted. A psycho that squashes human beings like ants… why the hell should I trust someone like that?”

“Haha… so that’s how you see me.” Huo Siqian’s laugh sounded desolate.

“How else am I supposed to see you? Don’t you think you’ve done enough? Haven’t you realized how many heinous things you’ve done? They say that people are born kind, but in all of the years I’ve known you, you’ve never proved to me that you have an inkling of kindness. Are you sure you didn’t end up on earth by accident? You should’ve gone to the demon’s world. A monster like you belong there.”

Huo Mian was famous for her sharp tongue; she was willing to say what others were afraid to say out loud.

Huo Mian thought that her speech was enough to pique a fit from Huo Siqian, but boy was she wrong…

Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, he merely laughed…

“What are you laughing about?”

Huo Mian hated how unpredictable Huo Siqian was.

“I’m smiling because… you really do see right through me. You’re right, I am a monster, but Mian, even monsters have people they want to protect. You probably don’t know what you mean to me. You probably don’t believe a lot of the words I’m saying, but I can spend the rest of my life proving myself to you. Really, I can be better to you than Qin Chu can…”

“I won’t accept anyone else but Qin Chu.”

“What if he dies?”

“Then I’ll die too,” Huo Mian replied firmly.

“What a stubborn girl.”

“Huo Siqian, are you really not going to let Qin Chu go?” Huo Mian asked one final time.

“If you’re willing to be with me, I’ll let him go. If you love him, make that sacrifice for him…”

“You would want a body with no soul?” Huo Mian scoffed.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I? If it’s you, I’m even willing to accept a gork, or even a corpse…”

Huo Siqian uttered these words with a smile. If he had said these things to anyone else, they would think that he was joking.

What Huo Siqian said made Huo Mian want to throw up…

“Fine. If that’s the case, I have nothing more to say to you.” With that, Huo Mian got up to leave.

“Mian… do you really think… you can leave here today?” Huo Siqian’s voice rang so softly that it was almost inaudible.


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