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( Major Homicide (8)

“At Song Yishi’s apartment.” Qin Chu was honest.

“What were you doing there?”

“She texted me, asking me to meet her there. She said that she had something important to tell me.”

“What happened then?” the police officer asked.

“I went and talked to her. We had a small argument, she wanted me to drink but I sensed that there was something in the wine… So, I didn’t drink it. When I tried to leave, she stopped me, and I slapped her.”

“What happened after?”

“After that, I left.”‘

“Where did you go?”


“The security camera at your house showed that you arrived home at three forty-five,” the police officer said. “Normally, with the speed of your car, it shouldn’t have taken more than twenty minutes for you to arrive home from Song Yishi’s place.”

“What do you mean by that?” Qin Chu unpleasantly looked at the policeman sitting across from him.

“What I meant was, what did you do in those twenty minutes?”

“I didn’t do anything, I drove slowly because I was in a bad mood. I drank a bit beforehand too, so I obviously drove slowly because I was under the influence.”

“Okay, say that you really left Song Yishi’s house. The footage showed that you were the only one who stopped by her place, and she was found dead a few hours later…”

“She might’ve committed suicide.” Qin Chu thought back to Song Yishi’s behavior last night; she was acting crazy, speaking incoherently and without logic…

Committing suicide wasn’t out of the question…

“Haha… Do you think that somebody would dismember themselves? I bet even God himself can’t do something like that.”

“What did you say? The murderer dismembered her?” Qin Chu caught onto the keyword.

“Song Yishi died a horrible death… The forensics team ran tests and determined that she was choked to death with a rope and then dismembered… The sight was ungodly… The murderer’s technique was so precise that they must be a medical practitioner. Normal people would never be able to dismember somebody with such precision.”

“Dismemberment…” Qin Chu’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“We’re curious too… I wonder what type of animosity existed between you two that would lead you to not only kill her but to chop her up into pieces…”

“I didn’t kill her.” Qin Chu calmly defended himself.

“Murderers don’t admit to their crimes,” the police officer sneered.

“I’m not a murderer, the police have to go about the case according to the evidence. Sir, please watch your language.”

Qin Chu was infuriated. The police officer seemed very hostile towards him and was already sure that he was the murderer.

He Hongfei lowered his head and slammed a thick file in front of Qin Chu.

“You want evidence? I have it… We checked your texts and calls. You’re the only person Song Yishi contacted on the day of her death.”

“That can’t prove anything,” Qin Chu calmly replied.

“You’re the only one who appeared at the time of her death.”

“Anything else?”

“We looked at the coroner’s report. There were your skin sheds inside the cuts of Song Yishi’s body.”

“I told you, I had an argument with her and we had physical contact. It’s not abnormal for her to have my skin sheds on her body.”

“Yes, and the most interesting thing is that you studied medicine for seven years in the United States?”

“So what?” Qin Chu coldly replied.

“We have reason to believe that you are not only an excellent president of a conglomerate, but you’re also an excellent doctor. You are capable of the dismemberment of this high level.”

“That’s funny, what motivation do I have?” Qin Chu snickered in disdain.


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