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( Desperation Leads to Inspiration (2)

On the other side of town, Mo Xue’er drove her Porsche to the Huo Mansion.

Recently, Huo Siqian’s trail had been extremely mysterious.

He hadn’t been going to the company, nor her place.

At first, she thought he was trapped by the bitch, Wang Shasha.

But after some investigation, Mo Xue’er realized that Wang Shasha had already been kicked out of the game by Huo Siqian.

That was why she decided to look for him at the Huo Mansion.

As she got out of her car, she saw Huo Siqian walking out from inside.

What was different was that he was wearing a dark-colored cashmere jacket and a black dress hat.


Mo Xue’er immediately got out of her car and walked over.

But he didn’t even let her approach — Huo Siqian walked right past her and got into the car, as if he didn’t see her.

“Siqian!” feeling hurt and ignored, Mo Xue’er screamed out his name again.

But Huo Siqian acted like he didn’t hear anything, and he just hopped into his car and left.

Was he treating her so coldly because his plan was going to succeed and he was going to get Huo Mian soon?

Mo Xue’er felt a chill down her spine, thinking that the Huo Siqian she saw today was so different.

It was as if they were two different people.

“You are a complete psycho, Huo Siqian. Fine, you go find Huo Mian. You’re going to regret this one day. Sooner or later, you will die because of Huo Mian!” Mo Xue’er yelled at Huo Siqian’s car.

But no matter how much she yelled and screamed, Huo Siqian didn’t care at all and just drove off.

After Mo Xue’er was feeling down on her luck, she went to see Jiang Ye in a fit of annoyance.

Huo Mian sat on the bay window for a long time and started feeling a little sleepy.

As she was drifting off to sleep, she saw a black shade pass by downstairs outside of the window.

Less than 5 seconds afterward, the super security system she installed was triggered and the alarms started activating on all fronts.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

All the neighbors woke up and the security guards ran over as well.

Huo Mian was certain that someone tried to break in.

The last time the window opened in the middle of the night, Huo Mian was scared and stayed for several days at Jiang Xiaowei’s home.

After coming back home, she developed a super sensitive security system that combined computers, surveillance, and sensors.

After the sun goes down, an infrared ray would turn on automatically.

Any living objects that didn’t enter through the door, even a little bird, would trigger the alarm system, so this proved that someone had just tried to stealthily enter her house.

Once the alarm sounded, it definitely alerted the intruder.

Security guards kept knocking on the door.

“What’s up?” Huo Mian opened the door.

“Miss Huo, are you okay? We heard your alarms went off?” asked several security guards.

“Yes, someone broke into my home,” Huo Mian said calmly.

“Broke in? Then are you okay?” The security guards were scared.

“You guys were guarding the gate, didn’t you notice anyone suspicious entering our community?” asked Huo Mian with discontent.

“No… property owners all have their own gate card so strangers would not be able to enter.”

“Okay, nevermind then.”

“Do you need us to call the police?”

“No, you guys can go.”

“Miss Huo, if there’s anything, call us.”

“Got it.”

Huo Mian closed the door, turned on her computer again and reset the security system.

Luckily, she was prepared. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know if someone entered her place secretly again.

The security guards said they didn’t notice anyone suspicious and only property owners were in this community.

Could it be that someone amongst the property owners was trying to harm her? Or Huo Siqian sent someone to buy a property in this neighborhood?

Huo Mian felt a chill in her heart.

Obviously, there were enemies hiding all around her.

This worried her greatly.

The next morning, Huo Mian went to the hospital at 6 AM to prepare for her father-in-law’s surgery.

To her surprise, however, there was someone else in his room.

“Mian, come over. Come and see who this is?” Mrs. Qin asked while holding Huo Mian’s hand closely and pointing at a young girl with short hair who was about 20 years old.

“This is…?” Huo Mian was baffled.


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