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( Huo Mian, What are You Really Trying to Do? (1)

“Nonsense, why would he be sentenced to death? He didn’t kill anybody.”

“But the evidence lines up perfectly,” Huo Mian said dispiritedly.

Su Yu walked over, placed his hands on Huo Mian’s shoulders, and turned her to face him. “Huo Mian, stay strong. You have to be strong at a time like this. You will get through it.”

“But I’m so exhausted, I’m afraid I…”

“You still have me…” Su Yu gently interrupted, his eyes gleaming with tenderness.

“Don’t be scared. You can do it. Qin Chu is still waiting for you to clear his name. There’s still seven days before his second trial, we have lots of time to find new leads. We will find a loophole in Huo Siqian’s plan.”

“But, Huo Siqian is not someone that would execute a flawed plan,” Huo Mian answered quietly. For the first time, she didn’t sound confident. She knew Huo Siqian too well – If he wanted to do something, he would ensure the perfect execution. He would never carelessly leave any bread crumbs that would lead others towards him.

Perhaps if it were someone else who framed Qin Chu, they might mess up. But when the mastermind was Huo Siqian, a loophole was next to impossible to find.

“You’re making him sound like some kind of god. Regardless of how diligent he is, he’s only human. After all, even if Qin Chu were to be sentenced to death, we still have other options.”

“What options??” Huo Mian looked up immediately and asked. Her eyes were still full of tears.

“I can ask my grandfather for help and put Qin Chu on medical parole,” Su Yu clenched his jaw and said after a while.

“Can he?” Huo Mian felt a glimmer of hope.

“Shouldn’t be a problem. You know, my grandfather… he is a military commander. With his high presence in Jing City, they would probably let it slide with one eye closed. We just need to say Qin Chu is sick, and he can go on bail for medical service. You guys can then leave the country, and perhaps come back after things have settled a little.”

The end result of Su Yu’s suggestion was rather similar to Rick’s. Rick wanted to rescue Qin Chu by breaking into jail while Su Yu spoke of medical parole. In the end, the two methods would require both of them to leave the country. However, the two methods had one major difference – Rick’s idea was illegal; Qin Chu would have to take on the name of a murderer for the rest of his life if he ran away. Su Yu’s idea, on the other hand, was more law-abiding. Qin Chu could be bailed out rightfully and leave the country in the name of medical illness.

The latter idea was clearly the better option, but deep down, Huo Mian knew it wasn’t an easy plan to execute – Despite how simple Su Yu made it sound.

The deceased was Song Yishi, and because of who she was, all the provincial leaders were watching this case intently.

If the Su Family really decided to get involved, others would surely talk. If the media decided to add flame to the fire, then Su Yu’s grandfather’s reputation would be ruined.

Su Yu’s grandfather would never agree to do something like this.

“Thank you, Su Yu. But, I don’t want to do this. You don’t need to pull your grandfather into this. It’s a big mess, so it’s best to keep the number of people involved bare, or I’d feel terrible. Qin Chu wouldn’t want this either. He’s not selfish, and would never want to burden others like this.”

“It’s not that difficult.” Su Yu tried to hide the truth.

“Don’t take me for an idiot. I know how difficult your idea is to execute. I’m really touched that you would do this for me. You’re right, I need to stay strong. If I collapsed, what would happen to Qin Chu?”

Huo Mian closed her eyes and thought about Qin Chu’s face. Her heart ached as she remembered how pale and worn he looked today. She then got up slowly and ran towards the sea.

“What are you doing!! Come back!!” Su Yu jumped up in pure fear and trailed behind her closely.


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