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(The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (1)

“Don’t let the news get out. Make sure no one finds out. Find a chance and get rid of the child,” Mayor Song ordered quietly…

“Yes Sir, I understand,” the guard answered carefully before hanging up the phone.

With most of his life spent in politics, Mayor Song was a very meticulous man. He had already set up eyes in the prison back when Qin Chu was incarcerated.

The guard whom he was speaking to wanted to help the mayor, get on the man’s good side, and be promoted. To be frank, it was a mutually-beneficial arrangement, with each getting what they want.

If news about Huo Mian’s pregnancy got out, she might not be sent out of prison for maternity care, but she would definitely not be executed.

If her execution date gets pushed back, the prison would allow her to receive pregnancy care from a specified hospital outside.

Plus, with so many variables at play, once Huo Mian gives birth, her death sentence might be delayed and turned into a life sentence.

It that happens, Mayor Song would never be able to avenge his dead daughter, Song Yishi.

The pain from losing his daughter had sent Mayor Song into a deep depression. He needed someone to pay for her death.

He didn’t care who the actual killer was, but that person must die to pay for his daughter’s death. So, after hearing the news of Huo Mian’s pregnancy, he immediately ordered for the information to be sealed, telling his minions to get rid of the child as soon as possible.

Mayor Song let out a long sigh, “Yishi, rest in heaven. Daddy will avenge you.”

Being in his 50s, it seemed that Mayor Song’s hair greyed overnight.

His daughter died and his wife fell critically ill… What was once a perfect family was ruthlessly destroyed.

He even thought about immigrating to another country after retirement. Once his daughter gave him a grandchild, he would take care of them for her.

This was all impossible now. Song Yishi’s death was truly a huge blow to the Song Family.

Not only was she killed, she was brutally dismembered. It wasn’t something that her family could accept.

There was a miserable old saying that could describe his daughter’s death – dying without an intact body.

The saying describes the possibility of going to hell if the body was not intact upon death.

Or, because of the scattered body parts, the dead would not be able to reincarnate.

It was a form of utter disrespect towards life…

Therefore, this time around Mayor Song disregarded his status and manipulated the justice system, just to avenge his daughter’s tragic death.

The news of Huo Mian’s arrest shook the entire city…

Everyone was in disbelief. How could such an innocent-looking girl be the hand behind major homicide case 327?

Wasn’t this all a little too theatrical?

Lin Mingyu came out of the shower, just in time to see the news report on his television.

“We’ve received updates from our sources. The real killer of the major homicide case 327 has surrendered herself to the police. She is none other than Ms. Huo Mian, the wife of GK’s president, Mr. Qin Chu. According to our sources from the court, Ms. Huo has pleaded guilty, admitting on the spot her motive and detailing how she conducted the heinous act. The police went over her statements repeatedly and after they were absolutely confident, the courts released Mr. Qin Chu immediately and officially arrested Ms. Huo Mian. According to insider sources, it is very likely that there will be no trials. Once the courts make a decision, an execution will ensue promptly.

This case had sent another shock wave throughout the city. Let’s listen to what a couple of citizens have to say about this incident.”

The reporter asked, “Hello, are you familiar with case 327?”

Resident Zhang replied, “Yes, I’ve been following it closely.”

The reporter then asked, “What was your reaction towards the revelation of the real killer?”

Resident Zhang then said, “Honestly, I can’t believe it. Doctor’s Huo’s very well-respected. A family member of mine once went to South Side’s emergency room. She’s a wonderful doctor. I really can’t believe she’s a killer.”

Lin Mingyu was dumbfounded…

He was completely confused. Huo Mian had just asked him a couple of days ago to find clues to help prove Qin Chu’s innocence.

How in the world did she become the murderer?


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