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( Huo Mian’s Wish (9)

Qin Chu’s uncle drove a black Bentley Continental…

After the four of them got onto the car, Qin Chu’s mother leaned against her son’s shoulders with tears in her eyes.

“Son… what happened to Mian?”

“Mom… how’s Dad?” Qin Chu faintly said.

“Your father made it past the critical stage. At this point, it seems like he’s doing fine, but the technology’s still not the most advanced here. Your uncle and I are planning to bring your father to Hawaii for recovery.”


“Chu… Is Mian…”

“Mom… I’m really tired. I’m going to take a nap.”

With that, Qin Chu closed his eyes and leaned back onto his seat; he really didn’t want to talk about Huo Mian with anyone…

No one could feel what he was feeling right now.

There was an old saying: if the needle hadn’t pierced your body, you will never know how much it hurts, much less understand how it feels.

– The holding cells –

“Warden, where should we put the new inmate?”

“Put her in A109. Someone from higher up told me to put her in a single,” the female warden said as she glanced at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian remained silent as she followed the female prison guard inside.

Going to jail for Qin Chu was her last resort. It was also the most effective plan against Huo Siqian.

It was not that Su Yu’s plan wasn’t viable, but with Huo Siqian’s many eyes and ears, there was no guarantee for Qin Chu’s safety whatsoever.

She also considered Rick’s jailbreak plan, but Huo Mian knew that something would go wrong as long as Huo Siqian was alive and well.

Basically, Huo Siqian wanted Qin Chu dead… so, as long as she got him out of prison, the rest was easy.

Because… Huo Siqian wasn’t going to let her die. She at least had that confidence.

With this thought in mind, Huo Mian smiled, feeling relaxed…

She hadn’t felt this relaxed ever since Qin Chu got into trouble…

Although she was in prison, she was actually… happy.

Finally, Mr. Qin was out and safe.

– Inside some high-class private clubhouse –

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao held down Su Yu, ensuring he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

“When are the two of you going to stop looking at me like that?” Su Yu raised his head coldly.

“Su Yu, you need to calm down, especially during moments like this. I know how much Huo Mian means to you and we would never stop you from saving her, but the situation… isn’t that simple. Huo Mian’s currently a murderer in the eyes of the law. She’s the one who killed and dismembered Song Yishi, so Mayor Song’s not going to let her go so easily…” Tang Chuan was so eager with his words that spit flew out of his mouth. He really needed Su Yu to calm down.

“That’s exactly why I need to get her out quickly. Otherwise, she’ll be in danger.”

Su Yu was more than worried…

“But you still can’t cause a scene in the courtroom. Not only is it useless in getting Huo Mian out, if someone uses it against you, your reputation will also go down the drain,” Wei Liao reminded.

“I don’t give a sh*t about bad rep. I don’t give a sh*t about anything. Why would I even care about this?”

Indeed, when Su Yu didn’t care about anything, he was truly reckless. He was willing to do anything and everything for Huo Mian.

“But Su Yu… I need to say something you might not like to hear. Her husband hasn’t even done anything yet. Who are you to save her?” Although Tang Chuan’s question was blunt, it was very sensible.

Upon hearing this, Su Yu fell silent…

“Huo Mian was willing to go to jail for her husband, and you’re nothing but an outsider. If you react too aggressively now, how will Qin Chu look? What would the media report? What would they say about Huo Mian? Even if you don’t care about your reputation, you care about her, right? In the eyes of the public. she’s already a murderer, are you really going to add cheater and homewrecker to her name too?”

Tang Chuan had never been so harsh on Su Yu… but it seemed to have an effect on Su Yu, as the latter suddenly wilted.

Indeed, Tang Chuan was absolutely right.

He could care less about himself, but he couldn’t bring Huo Mian down with him…

“I can’t let Huo Mian die… I can’t see her in danger… It’ll drive me mad, do you guys understand?” Su Yu lifted his head up, his eyes shining with tears.

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao had never seen this side of Su Yu. A tough and fearless army man was now reduced to tears.


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