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(Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (1)

“Evil business people like you are the worst, playing innocent civilians like a fiddle… you all get to eat all kinds of expensive food and live in expensive mansions, but we are forced to tighten up our belts and live hard lives. Why should you get to do that? You’re all just money-sucking vampires, come out and provide us with an explanation!”

A bunch of reporters came alongside the investors, hoping to capture something valuable. Some of them even added insult to injury and were in total disregard of the potential consequences…

They blew everything out of proportion and provoked further unrest, causing more and more people to surround Huo Mian’s car and curse at her.

Just then, Huo Mian opened her car door and slowly got off, while for some reason, the group of people retreated a couple steps back.

Her expression was calm, and she didn’t know any anger nor fright. After scanning the crowd, she asked, “You just asked me to provide you with an explanation. What explanation?”

Upon hearing this, a middle-aged woman shot up to her. Pointing at Huo Mian’s nose, the woman spat, “Stop playing dumb, everyone knows how evil GK is. We all thought the crash last time would be the last and after your stocks rose again, we all bought more! But because of the murder, our stocks have once again been trapped in the market! We lost everything, you have to compensate us!”

“Yeah, shut up and pay us back!” the other middle-aged women shouted in unison.

Huo Mian, however, laughed. She glanced at that middle-aged women. “You’re not new to the stock market, are you? Don’t you know that it’s the same as gambling? Wins and losses are inevitable, how can you expect to only earn money? How can you expect us to pay you back because you incurred losses for your investment? What about when you were making money? When you make money on your investment, have you ever thanked us or bought us a candy?”

“Did you?”

“Did you?”

“Did any of you?”

Huo Mian demanded angrily.

“We invested our own money, it’s our own luck to have earned more, why should we thank you for it?” The middle-aged woman continued to argue, and Huo Mian nodded. “You’re right… if that’s the case, you should blame your own bad luck for losing money, shouldn’t you? Why are you asking me to pay you back?”

“Because we bought GK’s stocks.”

“Does China have a law that says shareholders can come asking the company for money if they sustain losses?”

“Uh…” The middle-aged woman was immediately at a loss for words, and Huo Mian continued, “Don’t be so unreasonable, I know a lot of people are kicking us when we’re down, and I know GK hasn’t been doing well recently… but it’s not your place to come here and cause trouble.”

“Your husband is a murderer, you must be evil was well!” someone else suddenly cursed at Huo Mian, and the crowd chimed in, “Yeah… they’re the same, they’re both evil business people!”

“You don’t get to call my husband a murderer… I believe in justice. There’s an old saying, ‘the heavens watch what humans do’. Kindness will be rewarded, and evil will pay its consequences. You want money? Sorry, you’re not going to get any, because you losing money has nothing to do with the company… I’m not Saint Mary and I don’t have a heart of the Savior, so I can’t help you there. Stop trying to push me into a corner, I’m not that easy to bully.”

“You bitch, stop looking for excuses! We all lost so much because of your company! I’m going to beat you up into a pulp!” One middle-aged woman suddenly threw an unopened bottle of water towards Huo Mian.

The water was aimed right at her head, and she would probably be injured if it hit…


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