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 Major Homicide (7)

“Her neighbors found her. Apparently, her blood seeped through the floor and created a sanguinary smell. The homeowner woke up early to walk her dog. It was her golden retriever that smelt it and kept on barking. She found it weird and called the police… When we got there and broke in, we found Ms. Song’s body was in the bathroom and she had been gone for a while already. She had no clothes on and her body parts were severed… Her blood flowed out of the bathtub and onto the ground… Her head and body were found in the bathroom, and her limbs were in the living room…”

“Stop talking.”

Mayor Song might’ve been mentally strong, but he ran out of the strength to keep listening.

“Did you catch the murderer?”

“We found a suspect, but…” The city bureau chief paused.

“Tell me,” Mayor Song demanded.

“According to our investigations, Ms. Song passed around 3 AM. The only person who went to her place around that time was the president of GK, Mr. Qin Chuq, that’s it. We also found texts between them on Ms. Song’s phone. We have Mr. Qin in custody for questioning right now… We believe that we’ll have an answer very soon.”

“It was Qin Chu?” Mayor Song couldn’t believe his ears.

“Impossible, how could Qin Chu do something like this?” Mrs. Song said through her tears.

They both couldn’t believe that Qin Chu would be the person to kill their precious daughter.

“We don’t believe it either, but the evidence shows that he’s the main suspect… We’ll investigate further.”

After a moment of silence…

After a moment of silence, Mayor Song said slowly as he clenched his fists, “I don’t care who the murderer is, I want them dead. Their life for my daughter’s life.”

Mayor Song only had one daughter, and due to work, he rarely spent time by her side when she was young.

Even so, he still treated Song Yishi the best he could and always hoped that after retiring in a few years, he could care for his grandchildren with his wife…

He didn’t think that this would happen…

“What about Huo Siqian?”

“Mr. Huo is mourning too, he already came and identified the body…”

“No, I mean… Where was he the time of the murder?”

Obviously, Mayor Song didn’t trust his son-in-law.

“Oh, we’ve investigated into that. Last night at twelve, Mr. Huo left Seductive Fox with… with the famous movie star, Ms. Mo Xue’er, and they went to her apartment. He never left either. He found out that Ms. Song was dead this morning.”

“Bastard, hooking up with women even when Yishi’s dead?” Mrs. Song spat angrily.

“Mayor, about this incident…”

“Go on with the investigation and find sufficient evidence. As I’ve said, no matter who killed my daughter, they’re going to be buried with her.”

After saying this, Mayor Song deeply sighed and walked away…

The feeling of saying goodbye to one’s child was unimaginable and unbearably painful.

Mayor Song seemed to have aged a decade within the span of a moment. As for Mrs. Song, she fainted before she could even leave the city bureau.

The incident was named ‘Major Homicide 327’ by the provincial major crimes unit. It was considered ‘major’ because the murder’s method was extremely cruel… They did not only kill the victim, they even systematically dismembered her body and made the apartment overflow with blood.

– Inside the City Bureau –

Qin Chu was brought back as a suspect and found it quite odd.

He sat in the enclosed interrogation room as the supervisor of the major crimes unit, He Hongfei, sat opposite to him.

“You are Mr. Qin Chu, correct?”

“Yes.” Qin Chu nodded.

“Where were you at three this morning?” The police looked sternly at Qin Chu and demanded.


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