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( Major Homicide (6)

An article named ‘The Mayor’s Daughter Tragically Dies in Her Home, GK’s President Seems to be the Murderer’ was reposted on the internet many times.

The article briefly described Song Yishi’s time of death and the news of Qin Chu’s detainment by the police.

Song Yishi’s exact way of death, however, was not disclosed.

Apparently, it was confidential information for now…

Mayor Song was at a conference out of the city, but he came back to C City and went straight to the morgue with his wife when he heard the news that his daughter was dead.

“Honey, I don’t believe it. This can’t be true… Yishi can’t be dead, that’s not our daughter.”

Mrs. Song kept on crying as if she couldn’t accept this cruel truth.

She held Mayor Song’s hand and was hesitant to enter.

“Mayor Song, you should go in. Identifying the body is very important to the police department…” The Director of the City Bureau cautiously followed behind Mayor Song.

Mayor Song’s face was filled with sorrow, as he knew his daughter was gone as soon as he got the news.

He couldn’t get through to Yishi’s phone, and his wife told him that their daughter had not been home for two days nor did she contact her.

He asked Huo Siqian, but the latter said that he had no idea. That man only knew how to have fun, and he cared very little about Song Yishi’s wellbeing.

With unbearable sorrow, Mayor Song walked in with his wife’s hand in his own.

Song Yishi’s body quietly laid beneath the white bedsheet…

“Mayor Song, can you take a look?”

“Okay,” Mayor Song nodded as he shakily said a single word. He slowly walked towards the covered corpse.

“Mayor, just to let you know… It might be unbearable, you should be mentally prepared.”

The Director of the City Bureau reminded him, but what Mayor Song saw as soon as he lifted the sheet scared his soul was out of his body.

Mrs. Song screamed in horror…

Their assistants gagged as well as the sight was unacceptable.

The Director of the City Bureau turned his head off to the side and didn’t want to look straight at the corpse…

“How, how could this be?” At this moment, Mayor Song’s face was completely drained of blood.

“The murderer’s method was extremely cruel. When we found the body, the scene was extremely bloody… We didn’t disclose it to the public due to you and your late daughter’s reputation…”

Mayor Song turned his head as well, as he had no more strength to look at the remains of Song Yishi…

He couldn’t believe that the dead body parts on the bed belonged to his beloved daughter, that classy, elegant, and graceful girl.

Song Yishi’s face didn’t change significantly. She was easily identifiable, except for the fact that it was pale and drained of blood.

As for beneath her head…

Everything else was separated. Her limbs and torso were all mutilated.

The Director of the City Bureau stiffly explained, ‘Our forensics team ran strict tests on her. We found out that Ms. Song’s murderer was somebody who excels in the medical sciences and an expert in the field of human anatomy. Otherwise, they would not be able to use such an advanced method of disembodiment…’

Not only did this person kill her, they even chopped her up…

It was unacceptable, especially to her loved ones.

When Mrs. Song heard this, she couldn’t take it anymore. She knelt down on the ground and cried.

“Yishi, my poor daughter… How could you leave Daddy and Mommy… Don’t you know you’re our one and only baby, you’re the light of our lives… Mommy’s sorry, I shouldn’t have forced you into doing what you didn’t like. My daughter, come back… It’s my fault, I failed you…”

Mrs. Song howled and struck sorrow into everybody’s hearts.

The police covered Song Yishi’s broken body with the white sheet.

Mayor Song could not hold his tears anymore and let them fall freely…

Unlike Mrs. Song’s heart-wrenching crying, he lightly wiped away tears with the sleeve of his shirt.

However, anybody could see that his heart was ripped in two.

“Who found her and when did they find her?” Mayor Song suppressed his sadness and asked.


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