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( I Know He’s Still Alive (16)

“Very good.”

“Have you had dinner yet?”

“Yeah. I had a bowl of rice and some soup. The dishes here are pretty good, much better than South Side’s cafeteria.”

“Then eat more. If you want to eat something that isn’t provided here, call me.”


“Okay… Rest early, I will head back now.” Su Yu got up warily.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of myself. I will eat my meals on time and sleep on time,” Huo Mian comforted Su Yu, but it only made Su Yu feel worse.

Huo Mian kept a soft smile on her face up until the moment Su Yu disappeared behind the door.

She sat on the bed quietly and looked out the window. A feeling of deep despair that no one would understand reflected through her darkened eyes.

Upon leaving the Military Hospital, Su Yu’s heart ached. He knew too well that Huo Mian was putting on a show for everyone. She couldn’t possibly be fine.

As he pondered, he received a call from Tang Chuan and ended up driving to Wei Liao’s house.

In addition to Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, and Tang Chuan, Zhixin was there as well.

“Did you just come back from the hospital?” Jiang Xiaowei asked immediately as Su Yu entered the room, clearly with a lot on his mind.


“Brother Su Yu, how’s my sister feeling?”

“She…” Su Yu started but didn’t finish.

“Did you tell her what happened?” Analyzing Su Yu’s expressions, Jiang Xiaowei guessed, but Su Yu shook his head.

“I didn’t, Rick told her.”

“Rick went?” Everyone was surprised.

Su Yu simply nodded.

“Brother Su Yu, is my sister alright?” Zhixin asked nervously.

“Huo Mian is probably devastated,” Tang Chuan guessed.

“Actually, quite the contrary. On the surface, she wasn’t sad at all, but that’s what I was afraid of the most,” Su Yu murmured as he looked down onto the floor.

Jiang Xiaowei’s heart ached as she said, “In psychology, if the patients are feeling extremely suppressed, they will bury everything in their heart. Unlike those that show their grief, the people who bury those feelings choose to handle the grief on their own.”

“So she must be devastated right now, right?” Wei Liao asked, but he was only replied with silence from the group.

“So what should we do? What can I do to help?” Zhixin asked Jiang Xiaowei anxiously.

“No. It’s something she must face on her own. Your sister has high IQ as well as EQ, she doesn’t need us to tell her things she already understands. Regardless of how much we comfort her, it’s meaningless and would have no healing effect for her.”

“Sis is probably extremely saddened by the news, and here I am, being useless,” Zhixin said as tears streamed down his face.

“Zhixin, you need to believe that your sister is strong enough. She’s pregnant with twins right now. Even if she can’t be strong for herself, she will be strong for her kids,” Jiang Xiaowei comforted.

“Mr. Wei, dinner is ready,” the Wei Family’s nanny walked over and politely informed them.

“Let’s go eat first, guys. We’ll discuss this later.”

“You guys eat, I’m going to head out.” Su Yu stood up and walked out of Wei Liao’s house, still not feeling any better.

“Su Yu seems very upset,” Tang Chuan said quietly.

“Of course he is, how can he not be upset when he likes Huo Mian so much?” said Wei Liao as he watched Su Yu drive away in the distance.

“Too bad there’s only one Mian in the world, the only option is to let down Su Yu’s heart,” Jiang Xiaowei added.

“If Qin Chu actually died, would Su Yu have a chance eventually? After all, Huo Mian is still young,” Tang Chuan said without thinking.

“My brother-in-law is not dead! He will be back!” Zhixin answered back angrily, giving Tang Chuan a glare before turning away and stomping up to the second floor.

Tang Chuan stood there awkwardly. He had forgotten Zhixin was still there and knew he had said the wrong thing.

– Inside the Military Hospital –

Huo Mian laid flat on the bed with her palms on her stomach.

Her eyes reflected a wave of complicated emotions that an outsider wouldn’t understand.

“They are all saying you died,” she said quietly.


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