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(The Cutest Babies (4)

Su Yu slowly approached Huo Mian and looked at her with his heart aching.

The first thing he asked was, “Does it still hurt?”

Huo Mian laughed and shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt anymore… I thought I was going to die of pain… Back when I was a nurse intern in the OB/GYN department, the attending told us that giving birth was equivalent to breaking a dozen ribs… I thought my pain threshold was pretty high, but I still felt like I was dying…”

“Stupid girl, it’s all over now…” Su Yu comforted her.


“I am going to go see the babies in a bit… You should get some rest.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian smiled.

It was evident that the warm glow of motherhood radiated off her face.

Su Yu walked to the door, turned around, and looked at Huo Mian’s gentle smile. “Actually, I’ve been secretly hoping that you would have girls. Then, there’d be two more girls just like you in the world… That’s such a wonderful thing…”

Before Huo Mian could respond, Su Yu turned around and left…

After a while, Yang Meirong returned. When Mrs. Su saw her, she eagerly said, “Meirong, can you watch Mian for now? I want to go see the babies…”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Yang Meirong wet a towel with hot water and wiped Huo Mian’s face patiently.

“Mian… You finally gave birth… That’s great, you don’t have to suffer anymore…”

“Haha, yeah. Mom, did you hurt a lot when you had Zhixin?”

“Zhixin was fine because he wasn’t my first. When I had you, I was suffering… The pain made me want to crawl into the ground…”

Huo Mian hesitated; she hadn’t told her mother the truth yet. Therefore, Yang Meirong still had no idea that the first child she had wasn’t Huo Mian.

But that was fine though. A white lie would suffice for now.

Otherwise, with her mother’s personality, she might not be able to take it if she found out the truth.

“Did you think of a name? You can take it slow with the official names, but you need nicknames. It’s easier to care for them that way…”

Yang Meirong superstitiously said…

Huo Mian thought for a bit, tilted her head, and said, “Em… Pudding and Little Bean.”

“Pudding? Little Bean?” Yang Meirong was dumbfounded.

“Mhm, they’re girls. Their names have to be cute…”

“Okay, if you like it…” After speaking, Yang Meirong pulled out her phone.

“I’m going to call Zhixin, you should video chat with him.”

On one hand, Huo Mian happily spoke to Zhixin…

On the other hand, Mrs. Su and Su Yu stood outside the NICU, staring at a pair of baby girls through the glass window.

“Do you see them? It’s them, the ones in the pink polka dots…” Mrs. Su excitedly pointed at the twins.

Su Yu leaned closer to the window and frowned. “Mom, didn’t the doctor say that they were really cute?”

“Yeah, they’re super cute… They’re a pair of cute princesses. How great would it be if they were my grandchildren…” Mrs. Su selfishly murmured and couldn’t hold back her excitement.

“But they look like monkeys… They’re wrinkly with small eyes… They don’t have much hair either. Are they really pretty? The doctor must have bad taste… Are they really Mian’s babies? Maybe they got the twins mixed up.”

Mrs. Su was speechless…



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