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( Witnessing Your Happiness (4)

“Commander Su got a couple of bodyguards to take Miss Huo to Seductive Fox… they were attacked on the way home…”

“Where is she right now?” Su Yu felt like his heart was about to jump out of its socket.

“The good news is that the commander sent experienced bodyguards who successfully fended off the attackers.”

“Can’t you finish your thought in one sentence? You scared me to death,” Su Yu said, feeling relieved.

“But Ms. Huo was hurt in combat,” An added, and Su Yu’s mind immediately blanked out.

“Can’t you finish everything at once? Are you trying to kill me?” If he didn’t have a strong heart, Su Yu was certain that he would be dead by now; the news felt like a roller coaster, going up and down and driving him crazy…

“Where’s Huo Mian right now?”

“She was already sent to the military hospital.”

After hearing this, Su Yu immediately hung up the phone and ran out the door without even putting on a jacket. He basically flew his Lamborghini to the hospital, arriving in less than ten minutes.

– Outside the military hospital –

Su Yu bumped into his mother, who was talking to the doctor, as he was walking in. He immediately ran up to her without wasting another second, breathing heavily. “Mom, how’s Huo Mian?”

“She’s fine now… Her calf was scraped by a bullet, it’s an exterior wound.”

“What about her babies?”

“They’re fine.”

“Good, good…” Su Yu said, finally letting out a sigh of relief.

“You should go in and see her.” Mrs. Su barely finished her sentence when Su Yu pushed open Huo Mian’s room door.

To his surprise, his grandfather was in there as well. “You’re here, Brat.”

“Grandpa, what kind of crap bodyguards did you send with Huo Mian? There were four of them, how did Huo Mian still manage to get hurt?” Su Yu demanded, his tone filled with blame.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian immediately explained, “It’s not Grandpa Su’s fault, don’t blame him.”

“Shut up, I’ll get to you later.” Su Yu glared at Huo Mian, his eyes filled with fury; the latter got so scared that she immediately shut her mouth – she had never seen Su Yu so scary.

“What are you talking about, you little brat? If your men went with her, everyone would’ve died. Do you know what kind of firepower my bodyguards were up against?”

“No, what kind?” Su Yu immediately became curious.

“There were five jeeps and 20 armed, trained, and experienced hitmen. Think about that, will you?”

Su Yu almost went crazy after hearing his grandpa say this; he wouldn’t have believed it if these words came from anyone else.

His grandpa, on the other hand, was a military commander who never exaggerated.

“Dumbfounded, are we?” Grandpa Su asked when he saw how dumbfounded Su Yu was.

“H-how is that possible? Why were there so many people?” Su Yu could barely imagine how his grandpa’s bodyguards managed to protect Huo Mian while trying to fight off 20 people.

It was just too preposterous…

“Huo Mian, is my grandpa telling the truth?” Su Yu glanced at Huo Mian, who nodded her head. “Yes, I was really scared… but the people Grandpa Su asked to protect me were really good at their jobs, and we quickly escaped their encirclement. Two of them got hurt because of me… I feel really bad, if I didn’t stubbornly leave the house to find Rick, this wouldn’t have happened. I really owe Grandpa Su and his men an apology…”

Huo Mian’s words proved what Grandpa Su said was the truth.


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