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(A thief within the family is the hardest to guard against)

"Hng!" Si Ming Rong scoffed coldly. "Xu Chang Kun, you still dare to speak up for Xu Yi at this time. The Xu family will not be able to avoid responsibility for this whole incident!"

Xu Chang Kun's face turned red as he retaliated immediately, "How could I not know my own son?!"

"Do you?" Si Ming Rong flung the brown portfolio over to Xu Chang Kun's feet.

Xu Chang Kun quickly bent over, picked up the document and flipped through it carefully.

With each flip of the page, Xu Chang Kun's face turned darker and darker. When he finished reading everything in the file, his face was completely ashen. He stumbled a few steps back and looked at Xu Yi in disbelief.

"Xu Yi... you... you..." Xu Chang Kun's resolute heart finally started to waver.

It didn't matter whether Xu Yi was wronged; the information in this file couldn't be wrong. Even if Si Ye Han spoke up for Xu Yi personally, it would be of no use at all...

"Father, I was wronged, I really didn't... I didn't!"

Looking at his own father's doubtful and heartbroken expression, Xu Yi entered into deep despair. My own father has already...

Xu Chang Kun shook his head as a bitter smile spread across his face. He mocked himself as he turned to the old madam. "It's my fault. I, Xu Chang Kun, didn't teach my son well... I let my wife down, I let the master down and all the more, I let the Si family down... how the old madam wants to punish Xu Yi and the Xu family, I will have... no... objections..."

The moment Xu Chang Kun said his piece, he looked as if he had aged over ten years. He retreated and didn't speak anymore.

"Xu Yi, do you plead guilty?" The white-bearded elder, Si Ming Rong, pointed coldly at Xu Yi and roared.

"I... I didn't do it, I really didn't do it at all!" Xu Yi shook his head. He would never confess to a crime he didn't commit.

At this moment, the gaze of the old madam was filled with extreme disappointment and wrath as she looked at Xu Yi. Things had progressed to this point, yet he still didn't want to plead guilty.

Truly, as the saying went... to guard against a thousand thieves is easier than guarding against one at home!

"Xu Yi, I've never treated the Xu family badly. You've been by Little 9th's side for so many years and I've also always placed the utmost trust in you, handing Little 9th over to your care. I never expected that I personally placed a deadly knife by Little 9th's side!"

"You're really... such a great disappointment! What did those people offer you that you could throw your conscience away?!"

The light in the old madam's eyes was flickering.

Xu Yi clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white. "Old madam, what I said was the truth! My father was by the late master's side for over 30 years. He's been loyal and true, so how could I be so daring to stain my father's name and loyalty?"

Si Ming Li used the teacup to push some tea leaves aside. His gaze swept across Xu Yi lightly as if he was looking at a beast on his deathbed who was still struggling for life. "Tsk, everyone said special assistant Xu was smooth and slick with people - two-faced, making everyone so happy that even the master didn't have his guard up against you. It has truly been an eye-opener today. It's already escalated to this point, yet you can still say all those things without blinking. If it wasn't for the irrefutable evidence, even I, myself, would be moved by you!"

Si Ming Li continued reminding the old madam: "Xu Yi's been by the master's side for so many years, so how much classified information does he know? The master's encountered many attempted assassinations before, but just how many of them were orchestrated by Xu Yi behind the scenes? Thinking about them gives me the shudders..."

When the old madam heard what Si Ming Li said, her face turned frighteningly icy. "Xu Yi, if you have anything to say, save it for the prosecutors!"


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