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(Divorce Papers (3)

As Xi Mushan spoke, he took his phone out and was about to make a call.

“No! Don’t! Please don’t do that! Don’t!” Yue Lingsi quickly threw herself at him, half-kneeling and crawling as she held onto Xi Mushan’s leg, stopping him from making the call.

“Mushan, don’t! Mushan, don’t make the call. Don’t!”

Yue Lingsi turned pale out of fright. She reached out and wanted to snatch the phone from Xi Mushan’s hand, yet he evaded it and looked coldly at her. “Sign it or make the call. Choose one yourself!”

“I don’t want to, Mushan! I don’t want to choose either one! I really do love you, I really do! Why do you have to treat me this way? Why!?”

She broke down and fell to the ground as her cheeks streamed with tears. Her swollen face appeared even more miserable and her hands trembled as she picked the divorce papers that had fallen to the ground up.

“Mushan, I’ll change. I’ll listen to you from now on as long as we don’t get divorced, okay? I’m begging you… I don’t want to get a divorce…”

Yue Lingsi wanted to make a final attempt to struggle, yet Xi Mushan had already made the call.

“Hello? Lawyer Wang…”

“Don’t! Mushan! No! Don’t make the call! I’ll sign! I’ll sign! I’ll sign…” Yue Lingsi quickly picked up the pen that fell to the ground in a panic, and she messily signed the papers.

“I’ve signed it, Mushan. I’ve signed it. Don’t make the call. I’ve signed it…”

With a clatter, the pen in Yue Lingsi’s hand fell to the ground. She remained sitting limply on the ground, crying as she was close to a breakdown.

Xi Mushan hung up, then he slowly bent down and picked up the divorce papers. When he saw that Yue Lingsi had signed them, the coldness in his eyes faded away a little.

It had been more than 20 years!

More than 20 years!

His bruised heart had long turned into ashes in the midst of this battle of resentment. Now that he was free, if he turned around to chase it all back, would his heart rise from the ashes?

His heart was a stalk of grass. The roots were with Shen Wenna. If she let him live, he lived. If she let him die, he would die!

Na Na, I am back now, and I am have nothing at all. Would you still love me?

Whether or not you are willing to accept me, this time, I’ll definitely fulfill my promise…

Xi Mushan kept the document and put it back into the folder. Then, he turned to look at Yue Lingsi who had slumped limply onto the floor. “When all’s done, I will get Ah Hui to pass you the pictures. Also, if I could get these shots the first time, I can definitely get them a second time. If you don’t want your reputation ruined, I hope that you will behave! You’d better watch out!” he warned before turning to leave the room.

His hostile and heartless retreat hurt Yue Lingsi’s eyes. She wanted to quickly and frantically chase after him, yet his figure had vanished out of the door.

“Mushan! Don’t leave!” Yue Lingsi cried out until her voice was hoarse as she tried to make him stay. To her chagrin, what answered her was only the breeze that rustled from the window.


Xi Mushan had just opened the door when Ah Hui called out. Before he could react, Xi Xinyi and Deng Wenwen had appeared before him.

“Father, what’s wrong with you?”

Xi Xinyi could hear Yue Lingsi sobbing from outside the door, so she quickly walked in. A charred smell immediately filled the air while at this moment, Yue Lingsi ran up to her in alarm.

“Xinyi, Xinyi, quickly get your father back! He made me sign the divorce papers for Shen Wenna, that slut! He’s even giving up his position as mayor, and he wants to divorce me!” She held Xi Xinyi’s hand tightly as if she was her final hope while her whole body trembled.

“What? You’ve signed divorce papers?” When she heard Yue Lingsi say that, Xi Xinyi was astounded!

At that second, Deng Wenwen, who was outside, immediately blocked Xi Mushan. “Stop right there!”

Deng Wenwen spoke sternly, “Divorce? You don’t even want to be mayor anymore? What is the meaning of this? You’d better explain it to me!”

Xi Mushan abruptly halted his steps as he looked coldly at Deng Wenwen. Years ago, this woman he called his stepmother did not facilitate in making today happen any less. If he had known this years ago, he would not have let Yue Lingsi keep Xi Xinyi, and give rise to the circumstances they were in today. This woman was also one of the masterminds!

“Didn’t I already explain it very clearly? I’ve sent my resignation letter to the council. Yue Lingsi has signed these divorce papers too. That is what I mean.” Xi Mushan mockingly challenged Deng Wenwen with his stare. Many years ago when Shen Wenna was so determined to ask for a divorce, this woman had no less mocked and ridiculed Shen Wenna. Just thinking about someone as proud as Shen Wenna, after bearing the pain of his betrayal, how could she also bear insinuations of the criticisms?

Xi Mushan understood Deng Wenwen too well. This woman put benefit above all else!

“Nonsense! This is such a huge matter! Are you trying to shock the family? I don’t agree to this. You can’t. Immediately get your resignation letter back and nullify the divorce papers too!” ordered the iron-willed elderly lady immediately.

Yet, Xi Mushan just laughed coldly. “No one can change my decision. I’ve already handed my resignation in and I’m determined on getting divorced!”

“Do you really insist on doing so?”

When Deng Wenwen saw Xi Mushan’s set attitude, she felt her whole body tense up as if she was entering into battle mode. Her aged face turned stiff, then she looked furious.

“What? Do you want to use those things to threaten me again? This trick has lost its effect. Your safe has already been cracked open. Everything is with me. Your so-called evidence has already been burned to ruins by me, so all of this should end now.” Xi Mushan’s deep voice came through. He reached out to take the papers that were half-burned and handed them to Deng Wenwen.

“What did you say!?” In shock, Deng Wenwen quickly snatched the remaining papers from Xi Mushan’s hand. Upon closer look, she was startled!

It was the contents of her safe!

How could he have known the existence of the safe, and even get access to the safe key and password?

Deng Wenwen kept thinking about it, but she could not figure it out!

However, the only person who could get hold of the key was only Xi Jiyang!

When she thought about this possibility, Deng Wenwen could not help but grind her teeth. She took a few steps back until her back bumped into the cold railing. She then held onto the railing and steadied herself!


“Grandmother! Be careful!” Xi Xinyi instantly went over to help hold Deng Wenwen.

“I hope these things will come to an end now. When I’ve settled things in my apartment, I’ll come over to bring Father over. From now on, this place will have nothing to do with me. Don’t go disturbing Wenna and the rest anymore. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that there won’t be a second batch of news delivered to you.”

Xi Mushan glanced indifferently at Yue Lingshi who cried her eyes out and was pale. A sneer of disdain twisted at the corner of his mouth before he then turned and walked downstairs.


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