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( Fortune telling god)

Ye Wanwan roamed around and found that there was a beach nearby, so she walked over to take a leisurely stroll to ease her mind.

There was a large rock by the sand, so Ye Wanwan hugged her knees and sat on top of it, watching the tumbling waves before her.

Suddenly, there was a moment of bewilderment...

After she was reborn, she planned to keep pacifying Si Ye Han then think of a way to redeem her freedom and lead a life that belonged to her.

But right now, without realizing it, her life was more and more intertwined with that person. She was unable to discern and fully comprehend what would happen to her in the future.

Ye Wanwan hugged her knees while sitting there and fell asleep unknowingly.

Not far off, the phone of the female bodyguard who was hiding in the dark watching over Ye Wanwan suddenly rang and she immediately reported her whereabouts dutifully.

Very soon, a tall figure walked towards the reef, bent down and picked the girl up.

Probably because she sensed a familiar aura, Ye Wanwan snuggled into the man's embrace naturally and mumbled, "Too much... he's too much... does he want me to be a widow?"

"I won't," the low, hoarse voice replied.

"Liar... liar..."

In her previous life, if they hadn't gotten a divorce, she would've ended up becoming a widow...


The next morning, Ye Wanwan realized that she was in the hotel bed when she woke up.

Si Ye Han wasn't by her side; he probably went off for a meeting with that group of higher-ups.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her temples, changed her clothes and went down to the restaurant for a meal.

Enemies are bound to meet.

She had just taken a step inside when she saw Liu Ying and his team of bodyguards eating.

After the group of tall and bulky bodyguards noticed Ye Wanwan at the entrance, they stopped eating instantly.

Each of their eyes turned to Ye Wanwan; the look they gave her was indescribable.

When Ye Wanwan saw this, she raised her brows and turned her gaze to Liu Ying subconsciously.

Then she saw...

Liu Ying sat in front of the dining table. He was dressed in his usual black outfit and his expression was gloomy. His underlings probably knew their captain wasn't in a good mood, so all of them were completely silent.

After seeing Ye Wanwan, everyone's gaze turned towards their captain instinctively...

After that, Ye Wanwan followed everyone's line of sight and saw that... Liu Ying had a white bandage wrapped around his forehead and there was fresh red blood seeping through it...

When Ye Wanwan saw that, her depressed mood instantly improved. She strode in and even picked the seat opposite Liu Ying. Ye Wanwan propped her chin on one hand and admired the bandage on Liu Ying's forehead. "Aiya~ Am I seeing things? Isn't this our amazingly skilled captain Liu Ying who hasn't bled in three years? He was actually beaten up and badly bruised! Am I dreaming?"

Liu Ying's face was darker than the black coffee on the table. He instantly twisted the ladle in his hand in fury.

Those bodyguards who were mocking Ye Wanwan last night had their heads buried. They kept coughing one after another and felt their faces burning.

Who'd have known what this woman said would actually come true?!

It's unbelievable!

Ye Wanwan looked at those big men acting like quails and chuckled. "Now all of you know how accurate my fortune telling is, huh? How is it? Do any of you want me to read your fortune? I'll give you a twenty percent discount oh~"


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