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( A family reunion)

After that, Ye Wanwan and her father returned to their seats.

Their table was in the corner, so aside from people in their family, there was nobody else there.

After everyone returned to their seats, the whole family was silent.

Ye Wanwan sat on an empty seat next to Ye Mu Fan, opposite her parents. Just now, Ye Wanwan's aggressiveness towards the hateful uncle's family and her fluid performance in front of her grandfather and the guests was done so skillfully and easily, like a butcher handling a cleaver. At this moment, everyone felt helpless and blanked out, completely unable to speak.

Ye Mu Fan had been burying his head and drinking alcohol the whole time while Ye Shao Ting looked very perplexed and was completely silent. Liang Wan Jun kept looking at her daughter and couldn't sit still--she had many questions she wanted to ask, many things she wanted to say, but when she recalled the misunderstanding and attitude of her daughter towards them, she was hesitant and didn't know how to communicate with her daughter.

There was a deadlock in the atmosphere.

Ye Wanwan clenched her fist and was about to speak, but she swallowed her words back once they reached the tip of her tongue.

She already prepared numerous things to say and do when she saw them again, but now, her brain was at a complete loss.

What should I say?


Hundreds, no, thousands of sorries wouldn't be enough for all the outrageous deeds she did in the past.

She spent so much effort and had done so much; she toiled over her studies but after reaching this point, she realized that everything she did was useless--it was all useless. When she saw her parents old and frail faces and how her parents were ridiculed by her uncle and auntie's family in front of everyone, the guilt and remorse spread in her heart, making it even harder to face them...

"I..." Ye Wanwan opened her mouth but her throat was exceptionally hoarse.

In the end, when Liang Wan Jun looked at her daughter like that, she couldn't hold back anymore and didn't care whether her daughter still hated and despised her. Using her maternal instincts, she reached out her hand and gently stroked her daughter's hair while heartache filled her eyes. "Wanwan, you're thinner... it must be really hard outside..."

Hearing that, Ye Wanwan was taken aback at first then the tears started flowing as she crashed on the table.

And Ye Wanwan's tears were like a switch--they immediately broke the silence.

Liang Wan Jun didn't care about anything else and went past her husband and son, rushing over to her daughter. "Wanwan, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Have you been bullied outside?"

Not only was Liang Wan Jun worried, but even Ye Shao Ting, who wasn't good with words and had been silent throughout, became anxious and looked panicky. "Baby, what's wrong? Hurry, tell daddy! Did someone bully you?"

Ye Wanwan's tears flowed down even more profusely...

After how she treated them in the past, after all the ridiculous things she did, she was still worried that they'd never forgive her and what she should do if they really didn't forgive her...


Never... did she consider what to do if that didn't happen at all...

Just from a single teardrop, they held no grudge against her and still cared so much for her and loved her as always...

"Mommy..." Ye Wanwan suddenly pounced into Liang Wan Jun's arms. "I'm sorry... sorry... I shouldn't have treated you and daddy like that... shouldn't have said those words that hurt the both of you... I know my mistakes... please don't be mad at me... don't leave me, alright..."

Suddenly being embraced by her daughter and hearing her daughter say those words, Liang Wan Jun's face was filled with disbelief and tears started flowing out as well, "Silly child... how could daddy and mommy be mad at you..."



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