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Korean series

            EPISODE EIGHT:


Their heart beat wildly as the two of them kept glaring into each other's eyes, she can't believe Hoon is holding her waist and her butts sitting down on Hoon's laps 

   She wanted to believe it but can't, she kept staring into his eyes and shivering terribly 
  He was drooling at her, this is the first time he's so close to her and even staring at her face so closely 

  He held her still staring into her eyes as if both of them were struck by a powerful shock if not that Na ri came in to that room to have a peep on mr. Handsome face to meet the both of them in an awkward position

   She was surprised and puzzled and one thing that came to her mind was that Hae -Soo, her sister is dating the pretty Hoon 
   "Hae-Soo! "She called happily and that's when they got off each other clearing their throats and touching irrelevant objects in the room

  She ran to her sister who led her away so she won't cause any more embarrassment for Hoon 
    "Is he your boyfriend! I can't believe my sister is dating everyone's dream guy!!! I'm gonna post this picture on my IG page!! "

  Her eyes widened, so she even snapped them!! 
   "Na ri we're not dating okay? What you saw was... "Her voice trailed off as she began to recall again on how he dived to where she was grabbing hold of her and serving himself as a chair for her with their faces almost touching each other 

    ".... That was what? "She asked sheepishly before she kissed that picture she took and almost uploaded if not that her sister collected it from her 
  "Unnie hand me back my phone!! "She screamed but she won't give it back even after she deleted that beautiful picture 

   "No go to the kitchen and make some kimchi rice while I go upstairs to change my clothes in to something nice "she ordered leaving her pouting for her phone 

Joon was furious, they were not caught and no one knows about their whereabouts, why does he have to meet her like that
  He had always told himself that he will meet that girl before everyone does even his friend and here in his very eyes, she grabbed his arm and ran away with him! 

  Shit! He began to spoil things inside his room hating his friend's face the more, of course no matter what, she will fall in love with that stupid face of his even before she would meet him

   He must get the both of them by all means even if it meant doing something crazier which might get him out of hiding and then a thought came into his head..... 

   Hoon woke up , getting down from the creaky bed and stretching his long body yawning like a model he is
   He came into the living room to notice that two additional beings were added to the previous ones from yesterday and that's the girl's parents 

   "Aniongsayeong "he greeted bending himslef lightly and they gazed at him as if he were a ghost 
  He was confused on why they would stare at him that way so he decided to introduce himself 

   "I'm Lee Hoon"he said and they began to shout and hug each other 
   "Ghost??! "Shouts of it woke Hae-Soo from sleep and she rushed downstairs to meet his crush already woken up and looking like he doesn't sleep at all, what a whole being for a boy

His heart trembled when he saw her inside that bumshort she was wearing which exposed those long legs of hers, and then a yellow short top which exposed her belly almost made him go wild by just drooling 

    "Hey Hoon, woken up already? Aniong omma... Aniong mpa, woken already? "
  "Who's that? "They asked pointing at Hoon 
 She beamed before answering but was interrupted again by her mom
  "You can't marry someone like him,  he's rumored to be a plastic man! Isn't he the one from the news"

Hoon gulped likewise Soo, they weren't even dating but the talk of marriage shook them terribly.... 


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