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Korean series

            EPISODE SEVEN:


     "Na ri-a!! "She called her sister as she came into the house with Lee Hoon following her from behind
   "Na ri-aa!! "She shouted again while her sleeping sister jerked up from bed when she kept hearing someone calling her from downstairs 

   "Na ri-aaa!! "She called again and she jumped out of bed rushing to the living room almost sleepwalking cuz she was so unsure of where she was going 
"Unnie! "She replied opening her eyes to see a guy beside her sister 

  She jerked opening her eyes clearly and then shouting out so loudly at what she saw
   "What's it? "Lee Hoon asked out of fear of how little Na ri shouted on seeing him

   She gasped again pointing at him and running to her sister
   "Ghost! Ghost! Wake me up unnie! "She hid her head on her sister's chest who hugged her knowing the reason why she's being this way 
   "It okay, its okay "she calmed her down almost laughing 

   Lee Hoon kept peering into her little eyes scaring her the more 
  "Does she hate me? "He asked Hae-Soo her sister and she shook her head chuckling 
   "She's just too surprised to see someone like you in our house "

 He understood and he let out a calm smile sitting down on the couch and looking around the whole room which was before his very eyes 
   "Who's that Unnie"
  "That's Lee Hoon! "
She gasped again, she can't believe she's seeing him so she went closer to him and then began to touch him and be sure he's really him

     "Oh my! Lee Hoon!!!! "She hugged him tightly which got Lee Hoon speechless and puzzled 
    Hae-Soo smirked as she went into the kitchen to get a glass of water for Hoon

   She can't contain her joy, she can't believe that the mighty Hoon is really in her house, under her roof and even gonna sleep here! 
  Damn! How did he hold her the last time? Oh my gosh! Her cheeks began to heat while her lips flush into a warm smile as she took the cup to Hoon

    "Hae-Soo, he's really... "She jumped into her sister who didn't get the balance of the cup in her arms to the extent that before she could hold it more firmly, it slipped and emptied on Hoon's body 

   Thier jaw dropped staring at Hoon who was looking at his drenched clothe 
   "Na ri!!! What did you do!!!! "She shouted to her sister who rushed to Hoon
   "Are you okay? Are you okay? "She began to clean his body with her hands if not Hoon beat her hands off him

    "I'm fine, I'm really fine "he said flinging his top which was drenched by water, Soo stepped closer 
   "I'm sorry, I will get you changed into something nice "she said with a reassuring smile trying to hide her nervous attitude towards her crush 

    He nodded his head smiling which got the two girls suffering themselves not to yell at him, he's too important to be in their house 
   "Come let me take you to your room for the mean time "
She said and he nodded following her behind until they got into a guest room

   "This isn't your penthouse, here is not too fanciable at all... "
     "Its okay "he interrupted looking around the room
  "Uhm.... Let me get you my dad's clothes which you can fit into"
  "No... I can manage this one... Thanks "
   "Need some food? "
He smiled watching her talk, she's beautiful from head to toe smelt of how beautiful she is, he smiled again before nodding his head

   "Yes "
  "Something like what"
  "Anything you have"
She nodded her head and then began to drool when he began scrubbing the hair on his forehead with his right palm 
   She saw his veins as it stood out sharply, contrasting and sinking back at each action he made them play 

   Why is a guy so handsome? 
  "Hae-Soo "he called his name and she slapped herself out of her sub conscious 
 Something was coming down from the side of the wardrobe and is coming straight at her head 
   "Look"he pointed but she didn't get what he was saying that's why he dived to where she stood grabbing her into his arms.... 


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