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    Joon, after he finished the life concert which got the whole state talking went to Hoon's manager 
   "Done thanks "
  "This is not how I wanted it"
  "Well am sorry it isn't going as you want "

He replied him going home abruptly to his house where he will plan on how to meet Hoon who had been hiding away for sometime now 
   He knows who might be hiding him and that person is Hae-Soo and no other person 

   The thought alone always breaks his heart because she's his crush and hiding his friend away from him makes him mad, he wants to teach Hoon a very bitter lesson which will make him wish that he never was born with that kind of face of his

    He texted someone 
  💬I want you to help me tail Hae-Soo
  💬Yes sir
  He sighed going into his bedroom to change his clothe and then have a good and nice bathe 

 What would she wear for her date? What would she wear?, something that will sweep him off his feet when he sees her? 
   First time she began to worry about the kind of dressing she wears... First time she wanted to dress better to impress someone 

   She looked at her make up and found them to be so local and won't meet her demands this evening 
  She was confused, she wanted to really look her best for Hoon 

  Shopping will do, yeah she have to shop for new dressings and then her make up needs to be changed 
  She wore her clothes hurriedly and then rushed out without Hoon's notice so she could go get some clothes 

   Hoon paced about his room, all the clothes he brought and even the ones inside the wardrobe didn't seem to appear fancy anymore in his eyes 
   He wanted to look dashing for Soo 

  First time he was going out with his crush, first time he was going out with anyone on a date and also the first time he's worrying about clothes to wear just to please someone.

He can't go out either cuz of his identity 

 He selected clothes, found them fanciable and will later dump them later on 
  Every clothes was boring him now and he wished he was in his house, nothing will be so hard about dating Soo

  💬Spotted at HONEYMOON'S CLOTHES AND SUITES clothe store 
He texted Joon who sprang up almost immediately 
💬Tail her 
He commanded
💬Yes sir 
  He felt relived, she will soon be hers just soon! 

He smiled sheepishly as he went to his bar stand to get some wine to celebrate his sucess on everything so smoothly 

   Soo bought clothes and make up, went home and dressed up appearing so elegant in her red flayed short gown which stopped high above her knee
  Her legs were so visible... She looked so hot in her dress! 

She matched up her dressing with black high heels and then began to style her hair before make-up
   She looked so heavenly by the time she finished dressing 

   She picked up her black handbag and then cat walked out of the room
   Hoon was happy about the red suit which he found out after putting it on to be the best clothe he'd ever wear since he stopped living in his own house 

   He admired himself before walking out of his room to meet Soo outside waiting for him already with something in her hand
   He was stunned, shocked and puzzled 
  Her legs, her shapes which was dancing inside the flay gown she was wearing 

Her hair which she styled in a gorgeous way, her face which had become extra beautiful cuz of make up 
  He gulped hard when she began to come closer to him

He wasn't sure if this was Soo cuz she suddenly looked so different 
  She kept walking not allowing her steps to fail her by the kind of handsome guy infront of her until she stood infront of him giving him a red cap as if she knew that's what he's going to wear 

  Something thrilled the both of them, they were both dressed in red 
   "Here"she gave him the cap to cover his head 
   "Thanks but you are so beautiful Soo"


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