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   It felt like something struck Hoon as she heard her trembling and saying so to him 
  She felt same way like he does! 
    He got up again standing infront of her as if he wanted to ask her what she meant by what she said to him

    "Uhm... I.. I mean... Chu-wa-ye(I like you), na -chu-waang-n'go(I really like you) "she repeated and Hoon couldn't help but hugging her 
  She likes him too? Does it mean she liked him before he came here? Does it mean that? 
  "But I can't date you "she added and his face turned to that of a frown
    "Why? "
  "Cuz I don't want to put us into more trouble and.... "
  "I won't care about anyone will say anymore, you told me about it just now"
  He doesn't understand where Soo is arriving at 
   "If I date you Hoon-a, I will be a problem to you"
  "Why? "
  "Cuz that's what it is, look at the whole south Korea going crazy over you and... "He kissed her on her lips
She almost went crazy because her eyes almost popped out cuz of how she widened it 
    She couldn't blink for the complete three seconds his lips was on hers 

   Oppa was kissing her! For the second time!! 
   Her face was hot and red 
  He pulled her into a hug afterwards sighing 
   "Baek-ku-ya Soo-ia (you're mine Soo) don't try to push someone you love away "

   She felt relaxed but uneasy about what next action the so-called Joon who had come to be an enemy to her will do next 
     He disengaged from the hug and she asked 
   "Dating is impossible cuz you won't be able to go out in the public "

   "I will go out when I want to see you "
  "Your face... "She stopped talking while the hand she was pointing at Hoon was brought down 
   "Is it that too handsome? "
  She nodded shyly and he smiled touching the front of her hair 

     "You're the most prettiest girl I've ever seen"
 Her face blushed over and over again 
   He counted her hair with his finger 
   "Yo-ppo(you're pretty) "he repeated kissing her forehead which she felt wasn't right 

  She doesn't understand why she suddenly began to feel that way about him while he was someone she always wanted to date, someone she had always dreamt of marrying, having kids with and all those crazy thoughts one can have about a crush 

    "Kin-cha-nang? "He asked her and she nodded nervously feeling like her whole body was in flames
   He smiled at her again before going back to sit on the couch 
   "Come sit here with me"he requested and she almost refused blaming it on how early it was for that in the morning if not that Hoon pulled her into sitting beside him while her head landed on his chest 

  Her heart pounded greatly, she can't believe she's staying so close to her crush, so close to the extent that he's holding her closely from getting harmed by anything 

She should better wake up now from this slumber cuz all of this isn't real anymore, dating the most handsome guy in south Korea?! 
   He tilted his head down to look at her pretty face and smiled 
   "I can't believe am gonna date you for real"
  "Me too, I can't still believe am still sitting beside Mr. Handsome "
  His face turned all red, not because he haven't heard people praise him like that but the fact that it came from his crush made him blush like that 

   "Let's go watch a movie later in the night "he suggested 
 "You can't go out Hoon"
  "I'm gonna wear a face cap and a sunglass and no one will see me"
  "What if... "
  "I have you by my side and you will protect me just like you did last week"

  She felt honored a bit and didn't drag the matter further at least she will love to go out with him, eat with him, laugh with him and sleep by his side 
   All she ever wanted was that, he pecked her on her forehead again getting her smiling and wishing all these was real 

   "Soo-ia "
  "Your head is so noisy, "
  "Huh?? "

"You're thinking too much"


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