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Korean series

            EPISODE FIFTEEN:


What did he just say? That he likes her? Can he be serious about it? 
   Her heart kept on beating violently and she couldn't think right as his message and his body being so close to hers kept creeping into her mind 

   The kiss?? She held her lips pouting silently 
  He likes her? How possible!! She let herself dump into the bed as she covered her head with a pillow trying to calm her noisy head which kept making noise and distracting the little sleep which she wanted to have 

Joon finished bathing and was inside dressing when a call pulled in from Hoon's manager 
  He picked up 
📲Come over, a song is made ready for you
📲Okay, coming over now 
He hung up

He felt so relieved at least one thing was gone 
   The beginning of his own career through pushing down his friend is just here before him

    He's that kind of person who struggles so hard to get recognized and that's why he had to go to the extreme even if he had to betray his parents for that thing he wanted to do, he will do it

  He's that kind of person who can poison your heart into trusting him by the kind of face he had, he's too innocent that one can easily think that he had no problems

   He began to wear his clothes and preparing to leave when a picture pulled into his phone 
  It was from his ig account 
  Hae-Soo's picture with a caption

   *Can't think or believe what I see anymore * followed by a very beautiful picture which he thought was so beautiful that his desire to have her grew rapidly 
   He will have her by the time he's got his own fame and then he will use his fans and social media to get her into his hook

He will make sure Hoon is out of the way even if it means death! He won't allow him to stop him from having Hae-Soo cuz she's his and not Hoon's!! 

    Hoon thought wildly, was he wrong to tell her about how he felt? But that's how he feels around her...Maybe she doesn't like him that's why she had to leave so awkward like that 
   He's even a fool to think of loving a woman in the most difficult moment of his life 
   He sighed going over to her door to knock but then restrained himself 

  If she hates him that much, he will take his words back and love her inside himself and won't tell her about his feelings again if it upsets her so much.... 
   She yawned before waking up from sleep, she opened her door and went into her bathroom, washed her face and then brushed almost making up her face before getting out into the sitting room where he met Hoon munching on the cookies which he got from the fridge earlier 

  Her heart missed a bit as he saw him, he hadn't seen her yet but she felt like going back inside her room so she wouldn't see him 
  She didn't move, she stood looking at him until he turned to look at her 

   "Soo-ia! "He called hopping out of the couch and rushing to her, her nervousness took her backwards almost stumbling down if not that he held her waist just to keep her steady on her feet 
   She wished he could hold her like that for a very long time before he will remove it but he didn't get the silent message 

He removed his hand and winked at her, a wink that got her shouting cuz of the way his eyes dimmed at her 
   "Are you okay? "He asked and she nodded shaking her head at same time 

   Why can a guy be so handsome and another fact which is that he likes her! What a dream which she wants to wake up from 
   She snapped out of her stupid fantasy when her phone rang 

  She checked who was calling and it was her little sister 
  She picked up
📲Sunbae's song had been stolen! 
Sunbae? Who the hell is Sunbae to her little sister.... She was confused as she fixed her eyes on Hoon

📲Hoon na-ya!!
She cried and Soo's eyes widened as she hung up checking the news immediately.... 


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