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Korean series
            EPISODE TWELVE:


   What sort of question is that? How dare him call all those things he said to her shits? How dare he call that kiss stupid? 
   Does he know how much she suffered trying to put her thinkings in order? 

    She clenched her fist not turning her face to him and he was nervous too
  He's so much aware that he's so bad at drinking and each time he drinks, he acts stupid and talks irrelevant things and he's so embarrassed to even think of acting stupid infront of his crush and then saying things too 

  He gulped hard staring at her who's not speaking to him
  His heart missed a bit and he tried to recall what happened last night but he couldn't recall anything useful 
   "No"she said sharply and he felt relieved a bit 

   She wanted to make him remember everything that happened but thought that it was useless to do that
    She turned sharply to look at him one last time till she was going to miss him the whole day 

   "Are you sure I didn't act stupid? Well, I sometimes don't mean what I did or what I said "he spoilt her mood the more 
  He wasn't thinking or imagining himself kissing her last night otherwise he won't have said all that to her without knowing 

  He never knew he confess his feelings to her last night else he won't have said that too
   She felt her heart breaking and she suffered herself with a warm smile
   "You did nothing just that you've been making a headline since yesterday "she rolled her eyes diverting that talk of theirs into nagging at him

   "Why would you go to public places and drink when you know its too risky for you now! You know as you did that, everyone was on your neck... Ayish!! "She bit her lips and he smiled seeing his crush nag at him 

  She looked so cute with those nagging face of his 
   She felt a bit embarrassed and felt like he was decieveing her again so she turned again to leave 
    "There's something on your hair "he detected a pink wool which was on her hair 

   She tried to get it off but it seemed like it was stuck there so he smiled getting closer to her so he could get it off 
  Her nervousness couldn't allow her to stand at ease, she shifted her steps back at every step he took towards her until she felt herself stumbling and falling on the ground 

   Hoon was quick to dive to her side sheltering her head with his palm while she landed with him ontop of her 
   Their gaze to each other was sharp and deep

 Two heart pounding against each other, struggling to breathe 
    His eyes searched hers continuosly before he trailed his gaze to her lips
   Her eyes was just enchanted by his eyes beauty so she  couldn't stare away 

 They were locked to each other like that until her phone rang 
  That's when they came to their senses with Hoon spranging up immediately from ontop of her while she stood up sharply to answer her phone 

  Hoon scratched his hair so many times staring at her answer her phone until she turned to him again 
   "I made pottage soup for your hangover and... "He swiftly came to her side taking off thee pink wool from her hair 

Her breathe ceased once more as the air which followed him died down
   "I will take the portage soup"he said after that smiling at her
  She didn't want to drool so she cleared her throat and walked out of her house and that's when she took in a deep breathe sighing heavily.... 


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