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Korean series

            EPISODE ELEVEN:


   She was too shocked to say a word, she was shivering, she wanted to believe that he didn't mean to say all those words to her but can a drunken man lie? 

  Ofcuz they lie, 
   He beamed again 
  "Soo-ia I want to go home but I can't and now... You're here just like last time when I needed help the most "
   She didn't speak still, it was the murmurings of the crowds behind her that got her into action 

🗣Damn! So she really was one who helped him out? 
🗣Oh my gosh? 
🗣are they dating? 
🗣Can't believe this at all

   She turned to the crowd and flew her leg in the air smashing several phones to the ground 
  She charged at anyone who wanted to come forward 
   "Come closer! And those of you filming me? I'm coming for you guys"

  She went closer to pick a fight and people began to disperse, those whose phones were smashed were mumuring and lamenting cursing Soo under their breath 

  All of them gone, she went closer to Hoon helping him to his feet 
   "Its okay now"she assured him when she found out that he was crying profusely 
   She helped him into his. Ae which was packed by a corner infront of the motel 
   Minutes later, she was driving home to her own private house where her parents won't complain about him  
    She bought the house months ago and have been planning on packing whenever she's ready and it seems like she's ready now cuz of Hoon 

     He opened his eyes weakly in the car and smiled seeing Soo on the wheels
    "Soo-ia, my spider man, you've come to save me again 
   Did I tell you that I like you? Seeing you act heroine back then made my heart flutter so much "

 He sat up as if he wanted to get a clearer view of Soo-ia who was less paying attention to him
  She wanted to get him cleaned up before he gets worse
  "Soo-ia, saranghae "

    She took a glance at him and he winked at her 
    "You're so pretty and I have a crush on you Soo-ia, don't go!"he said when Soo halted the car infront of her house helping him out of the car
   "You're so warm Soo-ia"he said as she struggled with him into an empty already made room 

    "Whoa! "Hoon sighed as his back touched the bed
   She proceeded in helping him out of his shoes and then she came over to his top to pull when something like a shock struck her 
  She was mute staring at the cute face of Hoon

   Hoon was staring at her too but his stares were weak and not steady 
  Her hands were already on the buttons of his dress which means that they were so close together 

    She gulped hard as her gaze fell on his gorgeous sexy lips of his
     "Baek-ku-ya(you're mine) "he mumbled kissing her briefly on her lips which left the poor girl shocked for almost twenty minutes 

    He beamed at her again 
   "Baek-ku-ya Hae-Soo-ia"he began to drift into a peaceful sleep while Soo's heart beat violently till the next morning 
   She hardly took a wink, she didn't think Hoon will remember all he said to her last night 

    He won't cuz he's too drunk to remember, that thought alone hurt her so much so that immediately it was morning with him out of the bed
   She rushed to him almost immediately 

   "How was your night? "
  He almost vomited on his clothes again with the water he was drinking from a glass cup
      "Did I sleep here last night?... I mean where is this place and why am I here? "
  He doesn't remember... Sounded in her ears and her high hopes for him dampened

     "Oh.. I h-a-v-e t-o g-o t-o w-o-r-k n-o-w, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g i-s i-n t-h-e h-o-u-s-e a-n-d p-l-e-a-s-e d-o-n't l-e-a-v-e y-e-t"she stuttered feeling the urge not to get nervous or cry around him

     She turned her back on him moving towards the door with her heart pounding so badly against her chest 
   "Did I talk shits last night? Did I act stupid? "

  Her legs ceased.... 


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