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      She brought out some eggs and then brought out a dish so she would break the eggs into it 
    She was nervous and shy so she won't make a mistake cuz he was beside her watching everything he was doing 
    "How did you do that? "He asked really curious about how he separated the albumen from the yolk

    "What? "She mumbled realy nervous that he might have noticed his slight mistakes 
   "How did you separate this so neatly? "
She chuckled explaining to him on how he did that but he wasn't concentrating on what she was explaining 

  His gaze was on her face, her pretty face and lips which seemed to be inviting him every second she pouted them while speaking 
   "So that's it! "She finished explaining and he nodded almost dying to kiss her

    Is it gonna be right if he confessed his feelings to her in this awkward situation? He has to since Joon likes her very soon they will take her away from him 
    "Soo-ia are you dating? "He let those words fall out quickly even before he could d to gauge his words

   She almost vomited but kept herself in place 
What would she answer became a problem 
   "Uhm..... Hoon can you pay me back everything I did to you by getting someone nice to date? "She replied sarcastically and he smiled 

    He suddenly nervous as she stepped closer to her allowing his palm to rest on hers
  She was taken aback by that 
  "What if I get you myself instead? "He asked and she was too short of words to speak 

   "Did you drink again? "
  "Am not drunk "
  She kept mute ceasing her hands from cutting the vegetables she was cutting earlier 
   He held her hand with his as he cut the vegetables with her 

    "Like this right? "
She nodded tilting her head backward staring at his face
  What's he doing? 
  "Don't mind me Soo-ia "he stopped cutting the vegetables touching the two ends of her hair 

   "You have a pretty long hair"
She was blushing and blushing even though she never wanted to 
   She gulped hard when he began to look at her lips 
    "You have beautiful lips, will it be okay if I kiss you? "

 She felt cheap all of a sudden, she knows that from rg depth of her heart that what she  felt for this guy is really strong but that  doesn't mean he have to treat her this way as if she was nothing 

    "Why are you doing this? "
  "I like you"he didn't hesitate to speak 
  "I've been like you for a long long time, I mean I have a crush on you and its good I say it now before I won't have the chance to say it again"

She was dumbfounded, she thought she was dreaming or maybe he was drunk again 
She didn't want to believe in what her heart was telling her now so she turned off the gas coldly and walked out of the kitchen while Hoon followed her without words

   She halted like a ghost turning her face sharply to him
   "Am I dreaming? "
He shook his head for her 
  "I thought I was "she nodded going into her room if not that he spoke once more 

   "Where are going? Does my words upset you so much? "
  She shook her head still can't believe what she heard from him 
  How possible! Her crush is also his crush?? 

   "I need to sleep.. Yeah that's all"
  "Its not evening yet"
 "That's why I want to sleep"she said running into her room clumsily and hitting her back on the door with her heart beating wildly... 


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