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She went to work but was greeted by crazy fans who wanted to know what happened after wards between her and Hoon but no answer came forward from her 

 It was only her wave of hand and winks sealed the whole thing 
 🗣Talk now! 
🗣Are you guys dating? 
🗣what's your business with Hoon? 
🗣we need answers

 She ignored them going into her office if not that his boss secretary came in saying that her boss needed to see her right now 
 She sighed walking her way into his office and was greeted with his bad temper cuz he was yelling at her non stop

   "Hoon did nothing wrong!! "She defended 
   "And why get involved with it? Are you crazy? Do you know what you're doing? "
  "Of course I know and am pretty sure I know!! Hoon is innocent and we can't see it just blackmailing him over and over again, this kind of things kills people, we haven't only killed his reputation but him self!! I can't push him away too!! "

    "Just because you like him right? "
His husky voice caught her unawares 
     "And what if I do? Can't I like him? "
  "You shouldn't like him cuz he doesn't deserve to be around anyone"

   "Why?, Cuz of his face? "
  "Can't you see that? His face is just too scary than handsome "
   "He's handsome what's his crime? He's handsome so?? "
   "Hae-Soo don't ruin yourself loving someone almost everyone in the country hates now "

    "And?? "
  "Just shut your trap Hae-Soo"
  "I can't shut up cuz this is clearly injustice and for this that you said, I will make sure I clear his name from all these accusations labelled against him else you're involved "

   He kept mute staring at the stubborn girl infront of him
   "Just leave my sight! I don't need you now, not even the company does for now
   Kaaaa(go!!) "

She wanted to say more but she had to bow lowly and get out of his office as he requested
  When she was out and inside hers, she wondered what's wrong with Hoon's face

 He was born that way, she recalled what happened earlier yesterday 
    "Baek-ku-ya Hae-Soo-ia"he had said before kissing her on his lips 
  And then today 
  "There's something on your hair "followed by a stumble with him ontop of her 

   She held her lips blushing against herself 
  Well, since the boss doesn't need her in the company, she'd rather go home and spend more time with that god who called himself a human being cuz of his face 
    Hoon alone to himself, washed up and dressed up into some new clothes 
  He began to think about when things began to go wrong with him
Joon turning against him and even his company turning against him

He had already finished eating the soup Hae-Soo made for him earlier when a knock came on the door 
     He hesitated at first before opening the door to see Soo standing there 

It felt like something was lifted up her shoulders again 
   "Soo-ia"he hugged her with a lot of happiness 
 She was surprised to see him hugging her, she thought he was drunk again so he pushed him away 

    "Soo-ia "he smiled awkwardly, he's been that way almost every time he saw Soo 
   "Kinchananag? Have you eaten? "
  He shook his head, 
  "I can't make meals, I didn't learn how to do that "
She heaved 
   "I will make some food for you, close the door"she ordered pulling off her coat and walking into the kitchen to make food for him 
   He was too happy that he ran to the kitchen to stay with her.... 


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