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(Betrothal (1)

It was near the end of the month and their wedding was getting nearer. The couple was now on holiday mode after they finished passing on their work at that moment.

The two of them woke up early that day. Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong went over early in the morning to work on the wedding invitation, and they planned to announce their betrothal at the Shen Residence on that day.

Initially, they planned to do it in the middle of the month with the Xi family as well, but…

June was getting warmer, so Xi Xiaye put on a blue dress. Her usual long hair was tied up into a bun, and she was now busy writing invitations to Su Nan and some of her close colleagues in the company.

Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong were giving instructions to the servants about the betrothal gift, all according to their traditions. Naturally, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye did not know any of it, so they were totally in charge.

The whole of the Maple Residence became unusually lively as Wang Hui and the servants’ voices were clearly heard.

Xi Xiaye was still busy writing the invitations in the living room while Mu Yuchen was flipping through the newspapers as he enjoyed some freshly brewed tea.

“Are we sending out the invitations tomorrow? Isn’t our flight tomorrow as well?” After finishing the last one, Xi Xiaye raised her head and looked at the man who was focused on the newspapers.

“Grandmother will arrange to deliver it to them. Don’t worry about it,” he replied without even averting his gaze.

“Then, I’ll give it to Su Nan myself tonight.” She then took out one of the invitations and waved it in the air.

“Sure, I’m heading over to Su Chen’s place tonight as well. Have you got any ideas about your bridesmaids yet?” he raised his head and asked.


Xi Xiaye frowned as she heard the word. She really did not think too much about it since she always thought that Su Nan and her could be bridesmaids for one another. Unexpectedly, she got married before Su Nan, but Su Nan’s wedding was held before hers, so they missed it.

Not only was Su Nan married, but she was also pregnant and it seemed pretty impossible for her to be her bridesmaid now. She needed to find another one, but most of the friends she was close to were married. She was not that young after all, and most of her high school mates had already gotten married, so…

Mu Yuchen shook his head with a sigh as he saw Xi Xiaye’s frown. “I told you to get out more and meet more people, yet you always like to stay a headstrong woman.”

“You never give me any holidays for that.” Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him as she kept the red invitation card into her bag, staring at him. “What about you?”

“When we’re back on the 9th for the banquet, we’ll need more bridesmaids and groomsmen. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo will surely be there. If you have no one else, just leave it to Grandmother then. By the way, your friend Su Nan… She can head over one or two days earlier. Let her tag along with my parents. Although Lingshi is there as well, I’m worried that she can’t help you out much if things get busy.” He thought about a plausible arrangement.

“Oh, I’ll check with Su Nan if she has time then. She seems to be very upset about Mother’s incident. She only felt slightly better after I told her what’s happening in the Shen Residence now. When I called Mother, she told me that Su Nan visited her several times at the Shen Residence.”

“Su Nan didn’t know about Grandpa before?” Mu Yuchen looked at her in surprise.

Xi Xiaye just shrugged. “Su Nan is a smart girl. I can’t hide it from her. The Su family are pretty close to my mother, but she didn’t pry too much. She probably figured it out.”

Su Nan had always been considerate, always trying to care for Xi Xiaye whenever they were together. Xi Xiaye was always grateful for this trait of hers.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Check with her then. If she’s able to, invite her to dinner with us as well.”

“No, she’s pregnant now and can’t do anything too wild at the moment. I’ll eat at her place this evening so you can go to your gathering with them.”

Xi Xiaye then arranged the messy invitations on the table as Zhuang Shurong walked over at that moment.

“Are you guys done? We’re almost ready now. Pack up and get ready to go. Leave these invitations to me.”

Zhuang Shurong took the large stack of invitations from Xi Xiaye. The usual strictness on her expression was gone and replaced by a more casual smile. “A colleague of mine got some healthcare supplements for the eyes and liver from abroad. I’ve put it in the car, so please give them to your mother. Don’t let her always stay at home. She should spend some time outside whenever possible, do a spa or anything.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Thank you, Mother.”

The Mu family treated her really well. Wang Hui would frequently deliver food over to the Maple Residence, and even took care of their yard for them. However, they recently hardly went back to the Mu Residence.

It was afternoon when they arrived at the Shen Residence and things were lively. Shen Yue did not go to work and he wore a Tang suit, appearing in the pink of health. Shen Wenna had a big smile pasted on her face too.

Shen Yue asked Mu Yuchen to play chess with him just a while after he took a seat while Xi Xiaye and Shen Wenna were talking inside Xi Xiaye’s room.

Shen Wenna wore a light-colored dress as she sat on Xi Xiaye’s bed, holding her hand. A gentle smile appeared on her face. “You’re finally getting married. Your room here will always be yours. Aunt Wu will still cleans it every day. Come back anytime you want to.”

Shen Wenna sounded a little dejected. “I’ve always looked forward to seeing you get married and wear a wedding dress. Although I can’t see it in the end, I can imagine…”

Shen Wenna could not control the tears in her hollow eyes. She blinked several times as her grip on Xi Xiaye’s hand tightened. With all her might, she was trying to see what was in front of her and break through the darkness, but no matter what she did, it was futile.

“Don’t worry, Mother. I’ve spoken to Mu Yuchen and got him to contact some doctors abroad. We’ll ask the doctors over there to take a look at you while we’re there."



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