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(The Most Beautiful Wedding Photos (3)

The weather was great since the sun was not overbearingly hot. May was coming soon which meant that it was not cold like winter or extremely hot like in June or July.

The breeze brought along the fragrance of orchids with it from the orchid shrubs by the roadside.

Apart from working on Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi’s matter, Wang Hui came over and instructed Sis Wang and the other servants to decorate the whole place after knowing they would be taking their wedding photos. Roses were entwined on the street lamps on both sides.

They had gone over and decorated it this morning without waking the couple up.

Xi Xiaye was reminded about when she had just gotten married to Mu Yuchen and entered Maple Residence as its landlady for the first time. Sis Wang had done something similar too.

She felt a warmth inside her as she thought about it.

She chuckled at her thoughts until she felt something block her front. She raised her head and saw the man standing before the light. His eyes were looking at her with a warm gaze.

They did not need to prepare for a pose because no matter how anyone looked at them, they were perfect for each other. They were absolutely beautiful and romantic.

Under the setting sun, he held her hand as they walked past the Grand Waves Villa area. The gentle sunset embraced them as the light evening breeze lifted her beautiful veil. He suddenly stopped going forward and turned toward her.

His eyes glittered when he saw her pretty little face. He left a kiss on her forehead, and then went for her pink lips…

Behind them were their long shadows.

The scenery came to a halt and the photographer did not miss a single beautiful moment, capturing everything.

Somewhere nearby, Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo were standing next to each other.

Watching them, Mu Lingshi took a deep breath. Her eyes behind the pair of huge sunglasses softened and she had a smile on her face too.

“At least, Brother finally found his soulmate. I used to worry that he might be lonely without anyone around him. This is great.” Mu Lingshi was relieved.

“Missus is a nice person. Master really loves her,” Ah Mo replied.

“Mmm, after knowing her for a while, she might not be the best woman Brother has met so far, but she suits him the most. She has this power that can give others strength. She encouraged me.” Mu Lingshi was feeling grateful when she said these words.

Yes, she encouraged her.

When someone was stuck in a difficult place and found it hard to go on, simple words of encouragement could help a person to be strong amidst the hardship.

That day, on the way back to City Z from City B, Xi Xiaye had whispered something to her. She told her that she liked an encouraging poem from Pushkin.

If life deceives you, do not grieve or burn with anger, come what may; give in to the unhappy days and times of joy will come: believe!

She also said that she would rather be a silly woman than be calculative about every little thing. It was better that way.

Now that she thought about it, she was really similar to Mu Yuchen. Their inner thoughts were very close together, and that was how they accepted each other.

Suddenly, Mu Lingshi took a deep breath in. “Fate is sometimes a peculiar thing. I remember when I visited him in New York last year, I told him to find me a sister-in-law. He glared at me that time, and now…”

“The first time Master saw Missus was at the Bamboo Maple Forest Tavern. Grandmother and Grandfather arranged for them to meet. Afterward, Missus was scalded, so Master sent her to the hospital… I think Master thought of Missus as a special person ever since then. He never really cared about other women,” Ah Mo said firmly.

Mu Lingshi nodded. “I’m sure Sister-in-law must have something that attracted him. Brother probably didn’t realize it. After all, fate is really hard to grasp.”

“Will we be like them too, Ah Shi?”

Ah Mo was envious of them. He suddenly turned over and looked at Mu Lingshi, his eyes filled with expectations and love. “While we are envious of them, we could do the same too, couldn’t we?”

Mu Lingshi was slightly stunned. She had no idea what to say.

She seemed to be struggling and she clenched her fists too. Then, he took a deep breath and summoned some courage inside him, carefully holding her hand.

His movement was subtle and careful as if he was afraid of scaring her.

Mu Lingshi almost wanted to move away from the warm touch, but Ah Mo quickly grasped her hand.

She did not struggle much because she was being considerate of his bandaged arm. Instead, she let him hold her hand as her eyes behind her sunglasses started to tear up.

The warmth on her palm was so familiar to her as if it had been several centuries since she last experienced this. She realized she missed this feeling.

If she really did what Xi Xiaye told her to and not mind so much about the trivial matters, would she really be happier?

All these years that she had trapped herself in her lonely castle, she was not the only one who was in sorrow about it.

After giving it some thought, she took a deep breath and told him, “Give me some time, Ah Mo.”

In surprise, he looked at her and saw the faint tears in the corner of her eyes, so he nodded. “Sure, no matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you forever.”

“Mmm, I’ll be back… Alright, pack up the stuff and let’s not bother them.”

The photographer went back satisfied. Xi Xiaye was exhausted after the shoot, especially since she was wearing high heels the whole time. She quickly took her heels off when everyone started leaving, then she looked at the man beside her with her pitiful eyes.

The man squinted his eyes at her and shook his head helplessly. he lowered down and said quietly, “You can wear sandals if you want. The dress is too long for anyone to notice anyway.”

Xi Xiaye climbed onto his back and replied, “You’re too tall. We won’t look matching if I stand beside you without it.”


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