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(Funeral (3)

After a while, apart from Mu Yuchen, Xi Xiaye, and their people, only Xi Mushan and Ah Hui, who held the umbrella for him, were left.

“Grandfather, rest in peace. I pray that you will feel no pain on the other side and that you’ll live happily.”

Xi Xiaye slowly stood up and reached out to wipe away the rainwater on the tombstone photograph, yet as she was wiping it, she suddenly stopped.

“Xiaye, Father, Grandfather will rest in peace. Don’t grieve too much now. He is gone now, but the living must continue going on,” Mu Yuchen sighed and said a few words before going up to help Xi Xiaye up. With a sad sigh, she slowly took her sunglasses off, revealing faintly swollen and misty eyes. She shut her eyes and after easing for a while, she opened them.

“When I was younger, I’d always go out to play with Grandfather when he was still very healthy and young then. He loved horseriding. One time, he brought me to the ranch, but because he had something on at the last minute, we had to go back. I was reluctant and cried for the whole afternoon. Later on, Grandfather had to pretend to be a horse for me and even sprained his waist…”

Her slightly hoarse voice was softly heard while her hazy eyes were still fixed on the photograph on the tombstone.

“When I was three years old, the very first numbers that I learned were also taught by Grandfather. When I went to kindergarten and learned how to write, I’d always sit with bad posture. To correct me, Grandfather would watch me do my homework almost every night. Even Mother says that Grandfather was more like a strict teacher…”

When Xi Xiaye brought these up, Xi Mushan suddenly sighed, “Your grandfather… has always treated you as the Xi family’s little princess.”

“I always knew that… Now that Grandfather’s left just like that, my heart feels empty, but now that I think about it, perhaps it’s for the best. At least, for Grandfather, it’s a form of release. Now that he’s left, everything’s become simpler. We no longer have to worry about those concerning matters.”

As she said this, Xi Xiaye looked up at the sky that continued to drizzle. “Grandfather has told us all about the past… All these years, because he felt sorry towards Mother and I, you didn’t dare to come looking for us, and you were even more afraid of seeing Mother, weren’t you?”

When Xi Xiaye said this, she suddenly turned to look at Xi Mushan whose expression looked bleak and sad. He did not hide it and nodded. “Yes.”

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye suddenly laughed bitterly. She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “If the curtains can be closed for all of these grudges with Grandfather’s passing, what are your plans after this?”

Xi Mushan’s resignation had been concluded. Mu Yuchen also told her that Xi Mushan had already divorced Yue Lingsi. In fact, Shen Wenna still could not see. All of these were somewhat a closing of a chapter, yet what they were about to face was another terrible situation.

Xi Mushan did not know how he should answer this because his mind was empty at the moment.

All these problems had come one after another recently, overwhelming him immensely.

Unfortunately, Shen Wenna had lost her sight and he had firmly resigned. Then, there was Yue Lingsi’s cheating, the divorce, and now Xi Jiyang’s sudden passing. With all of these stacked together, he felt quite worn out from holding on.

Seeing that he did not answer and that the weariness was clear between his brows, she suddenly felt a bitterness rise in her heart. She thought about it, then reached into her pocket and took out a bunch of keys before handing it to Xi Mushan.

“These are my keys to my Linjiang apartment. I’ve just tidied it up, so it’s quite clean. If you’re unhappy staying in West Park, you can go there and stay for a while.”

Xi Mushan looked down at the keys Xi Xiaye handed him and there was gladness in his still eyes, yet he did not accept it. “There’s no need for that. I’ve already arranged an apartment for myself.”

Startled, Xi Xiaye hesitated for a moment, then quietly put the keys away.

“Let’s not harp on the past anymore. Mu Yuchen has already told me about your divorce from Yue Lingsi. Grandfather also said before he passed that he hopes you can get Mother back. Now that she’s been discharged and has returned to the Shen residence…”

As Xi Xiaye spoke, Xi Mushan’s expression darkened.

Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen took all of this in, exchanging a look. Then, seeing Mu Yuchen nod gently, Xi Xiaye sighed and took a card out from her pocket before tossing it to Xi Mushan.

Xi Mushan subconsciously caught it and looked down at the key card in his hand before peering up puzzledly at Xi Xiaye.

“This is the Shen residence key card. Grandpa usually reaches home in the evening past 6 p.m. If I don’t go back, he usually won’t go back at noon either. This month, because of Fuhua’s new project discussion with Glory World on the South River project, Mu Yuchen and I will be going over to Fuhua quite frequently. Grandpa has left Mother in the hands of Aunty Wu. I’ve told Aunty Wu to let you in, so I’ll leave Mother’s lunch to you in this period of time,” Xi Xiaye spoke with a calm expression.

Deep in her heart, she wished that Shen Wenna could reconcile with Xi Mushan. Their hearts were tied to each other, and it had been delayed for so many years now. If he did not fight for it now, there would not be any more chances in the future.

If a single mistake in the past trapped two people, who clearly loved each other, in their own lonely castle of sadness, licking their own wounds while living in loneliness and passing away with regret, then she would much rather do her best to bring them both together and break that wall of barrier between them.

The reason there were so many tragedies in this world was that many people were unwilling to give in, forgive, and feel relieved due to their ego and pride, so they put up a wall and trapped themselves.

The reasoning could be understood, but not many could do it.

She once heard that happiness was like water sometimes. The tighter you held on it, the less you would get, yet if you opened up your hands, you would receive gentleness and abundance.

Xi Mushan quietly watched Xi Xiaye.

She looked quite like her mother. Watching her would always remind him of Shen Wenna, so sometimes he would rather not see her.

Yet, he suddenly realized that even though she was similar in personality to her mother, they had widely different frames of mind. This daughter of his seemed to be even more optimistic and genuine in expressing herself.

Xi Mushan looked down at the key card in hand and asked softly, “Why do you still help me?”

Xi Xiaye let out a sigh of relief and fixed her gaze onto the tombstone before her. After a while, she looked up at him. “Why shouldn’t I help you? You’re my father… Besides, I’ve also promised Grandfather, even though there was a time when I really didn’t like you, but just as you said, we are father and daughter, and that’s a fact.”


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